10 Perfect Color Options for Painting your Kitchen Cabinets:

Painting your kitchen cabinet is one of the crucial steps of revamping your kitchen. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to do so. When you match the kitchen cabinets with the theme of your entire kitchen, it brings out a whole new look and makes it very attractive to look at.

Usually, kitchen cabinets are one of the essential parts of your kitchen, so giving it good attention pays off well.

Best Shades to Choose from for Painting your Kitchen Cabinets:

Mentioned below are some of the best options for you to choose from for painting your kitchen cabinets. We hope that these options will help you decide which color combination goes best with the theme of your entire kitchen.

This is a guide for you or kitchen cabinet painters to see which one you like the best for your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Explore Whites:

Many people are reluctant to paint their kitchen cabinets white, as it gets dirty or damaged more often than other colors. However, there is a wide variety of white shades for you to choose from.

If you are a fan of prints, there are also various kinds of floral, geometrical, and other types of images available for you to choose from and match with the entire look of your kitchen. Go for white cabinets if your kitchen has lighter tones all over or has a darker floor.

  1. Go as Dark as you Want:

If you like darker colors, predominantly black, you should go for such colors to paint your kitchen cabinets. Most often, it elevates the look of your kitchen and makes it look very stylish and trendy.

Black kitchen cabinets have been very famous for many reasons, but mostly because not only is it affordable to paint your cabinets, but also that changes the entire look of your kitchen.

Go for black or other dark shades if you have the rest of the furniture in the same color and if it contrasts the walls and floors of your kitchen.

  1. Pastels are your Best Friend!

Pastels are one of the most delicate and elegant colors which should be used very carefully in the kitchen. This may not be a good choice if your kitchen is painted in a dark or dull choice of color.

They may look perfect if the rest of the kitchen is painted white or in a lighter shade so that it matches with the cabinets and gives it a very delicate and decent look. You can experiment with pastels if the rest of the kitchen is lighter, like a canvas for you to paint in.

Some of the best pastels color choices for you can be lilac, aqua blue, soft pink, lemon yellow, etc.

  1. Grey Up the Cabinets:

There’s a huge chance you would not like painting your cabinets gray at first glance. However, if you explore this option a bit more on the internet, you can see that there are a lot of different shades of gray, which looks perfect with the theme of various kitchens.

A darker shade of gray may go well with your kitchen if the rest of the colors are similar or make a good contrast. It would be a great choice, but it also depends on how your kitchen is designed.

The dullness or brightness of the kitchen determines what color goes well with the cabinets, so make sure you do a thorough observation of your kitchen before making a choice where gray would be suitable.

  1. Marbling? Yes Please!

Marbling has more to do with the patterns of the cabinet than with the colors. However, if you paint your cabinets so that it combines two or more colors that go well with your kitchen, it can look exquisite and bring out its whole outlook.

Marbling shades can vary between the combination of two or three colors. For example, different shades of gray, white, pastels, black, and even bright colors can form a perfect combination. You can browse different marbling shades and themes and select which one goes well with your kitchen.

  1. Go Earthy with the Wooden Touch:

Here, we mean the different shades, which give your kitchen a more natural and earthy look. Different shades of brown can provide a very wooden-like appearance to your cabinets and could go well if you have a lot of greenery in your kitchen.

There are different shades of brown, like camel, tan, dark brown, etc., which would look good in your open kitchen. Earthy shades tend to look better if your kitchen is not secluded and is somewhat more relaxed with a lot of natural light since this is what gives a wholly natural look to any room of your house.

  1. Eggplants for the Win:

Before you get confused with the heading, let us explain to you what we mean. It simply means to go for the shade of eggplant, I.e., dark purple, to paint your kitchen cabinets with.

This shade may not be everyone’s piece of cake. Still, if you have the right color combination in the rest of your kitchen, an eggplant color can elevate the whole look of the kitchen by popping out your cabinets and making them the center of attention.

These shades also go well with pure white, so feel free to experiment and bring out the creativity in the process!

  1. Go Transparent!

If you cannot make your mind about what shade you should paint your cabinets with, your safest bet is to go transparent. That way, you will only have to paint the outline or the frames of your wardrobe while the rest of them are covered by a fine layer, mainly glass or plastic.

It will give a desired transparent look to your cabinets. Many people prefer such designs, and they also often look good with any shades or themes in the kitchen.

  1. Crimson Your Views:

Hear us out when we say crimson would look stunning in your kitchen! The combination of crimson with white and black has to be some of the best and trendiest color combinations to paint your kitchen with. Crimson also goes well with many different colors like beige, rust, brown, cream, etc.

It is precisely that kind of bold shade that will make your kitchen look unique. So, if it goes within your comfort zone, go for this shade, and it will be the best thing you will do for your kitchen.

  1. Play with the Blues:

Saving the best for the last, the shades of blue have to be one of the best ones for you to paint your kitchen cabinets with. With hundreds of varieties for you to choose from the shades of blue, it can go with almost any color theme of your kitchen.

From dark, navy blue to soft aqua, you can choose any option among these and have your kitchen look stunning on a budget.

Final Thoughts: 

When selecting the right shade for you to paint your kitchen cabinets, it is best to trust your gut and bring out your inner creativity to see what goes well with your kitchen.

It also really depends on the brightness of your kitchen, as the natural light brings out lighter color shades and makes the kitchen look spacious and brighter while darker shades do the opposite.

With the color options given above, you can select the ones you think will go the best with your kitchen and experiment your way with them. Good luck finding the perfect shade and revamping your kitchen in the best way!

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