What Kinds of Injuries do Employees Experience at Their Workplace?

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When you enter professional life, you have to face various hazards that include injuries. Many injuries can be severe and require surgery for proper healing. Although some injuries are tough, they only need physiotherapy in Edmonton because they are related to muscles, tissues, and nerves.

Injuries Explained by Experts at Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton

There are several kinds of injuries that employees face at their workplace for which different treatments are suggested that include surgeries, medications, physiotherapies, and exercises. These workplaces are offices, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. The workers and employees can face the following injuries at their workplace.

Tripping Slipping and Falling

It is a common misconception that people fall, slip, and trip in industrial spaces because fluid is on the floor. But liquid can also be spilled on the office floor as well. Workers can trip from furniture and also fall from a ladder.

Items Drooping on Staff

This is a workplace hazard that happens mostly on construction sites and warehouses. The objects falling can be extremely heavy and cause injuries to the nerves, soft tissues, and muscles. On many occasions, the objects are not heavy, but the height from which they fall determines the injury’s intensity.

Muscles Become Overstrained

An essential reason that experts at physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton inform about the pain in the hands, fingers, feet, and other joints is that the muscles become overstrained. The repetitive movements of the parts of the body cause the muscles to become weak, and employees feel the pain. 

Extreme Pain in Shoulders Neck and Back

A widespread reason for extreme pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, as explained by physiotherapists at clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, is employees sitting on their chairs in front of laptops and computers for a long time.

Reasons for Pains Occurrences

All injuries mentioned in the above points cause pains in the different parts of the body. When patients visit pain clinics, therapists ask about their daily routine to determine one of the following reasons for pains.

Repeated Movements of Muscles

Employees and workers have to do repetitive actions like typing, writing, playing different musical instruments, sports, and dancing. These movements can cause pain in the muscles because they get overexerted.

Lifting Overweight Objects

The body part that is mainly affected by lifting heavy objects is the back. When you bend down to pick a thing, all of the strain is on the back. This causes the muscles to become fragile, and it causes pain.

Insufficient Breaks Between Work

Working without breaks can make the soft tissues and muscles fragile. There are minimal to no gaps between long hours of work. The whole body needs rest from continuous work.

Standing and Sitting Posture is not Right

Many employees sit on their chairs with a slouch, or their backs are hunched. This happens especially when working on their workstations. Also, workers have a habit of standing on one leg when their other one becomes tired. Both these habits are dangerous because they damage the nerves, soft tissues, and muscles.

Treatments at Chronic Pain Clinic in Edmonton

Various physiotherapy treatments in Edmonton are suggested for workplace injuries and pains mentioned in the above points. These are Shockwave Therapy, Spinal Decompression, Knee Pain Management, IMS/ Acupuncture, and Deep Oscillation Therapy.