Top 5 Basic Fashion Design Tips For Beginners

Fashion design is the art of applying design and creativity to clothes and their accessories. It is the best practice of applying creativity and designing clothes to make it a special one.  It is influenced by cultural and different social attitudes. When it comes to learning, it is a vast industry to build a good career. Many fashion enthusiasts choose fashion design as a career platform. As a beginner, you need to know about some basics of fashion design such as understanding of fashion industry and trends, texture

and fabric quality, know about its elements: “shape, line, color and textures”, practice on sewing & drawing skills, and most important things is that as a beginner you have to work on your own designs and creativity.

The fashion industry is a huge business. It has many different factors including fashion design, online store, sportswear, outerwear, accessory design, and many more. In the career path, there are many work profiles including creative director, fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion brand manager, visual merchandiser, fashion advertising specialist, and trend forecaster.

Here are some basic fashion design tips to get started as a beginner:

Analysis Fashion Industry & Trends

First, You need to know about the fashion industry & trends. Fashion is all about creativity and designing new ways of patterns and new combinations of colors. The first step is your research of the fashion industry and history, fashion is the essential form of activity that involves styles of clothing, appearance, and how people define themselves. It is a huge industry in the world and a vast international business that has been continuing to engage the world. Also, beginners should know about the fashion trends & analyze fashion trends: including culturally grounded clothing, new ongoing fashion, knowing other fashion industry’s trends, traditional clothing, and many more.

Basics of Sewing and drawing skills

Fashion designing is not only about pattern making, colors combination, drawing, and designing clothes. It is multitasking work that requires many skills to get a good final result. Sewing and drawing skills are playing an important role to become a good fashion designer. Learning to sew does not require a machine. For learning, you can join a sewing and drawing course. It will be an easy way to enter into fashion design. Especially for kids who are very interested in doing new things, sewing is the best option for them. It is not only a skill, it helps kids to improve their imagination, creativity, and mind power also.

Knowing texture and fabric quality

You need to familiarize yourself with the various elements of fashion design by touching fabrics, feeling the texture of clothes, doing different things with embroidery, and understanding the quality of the fabric, etc. Without knowing that you can not be a good fashion designer. Take advantage of modern world resources, there are many online tutorials, classes, and blogs from where you can get important new ideas & skills. Apart from it you will get the best sewing classes to learn deeply. It will help you to learn faster and better understand practical knowledge.

Create an impressive portfolio

For building an impressive portfolio, you should have some skills and experience in fashion designing including; pattern making, drawing skills, sketching, and experiencing knowledge of fashion design. You should have your previous work and projects collections to show it is also a part of your portfolio. A better portfolio shows your skills, creativity concept, strength, and most important sense of aesthetic. It is also playing an essential role to get a job in the fashion design industry. Most fashion design academies assume your portfolio as a job application and proof of experience in fashion designing.

Get an Internship program

You can get an internship program from any fashion designing institute that offers the best fashion design course. It can be the best way to get important skills, knowledge, and also help to build a good career path in the industry. In the current scenario, there are so many manufactures, textiles, and fashion industries in the market, who have free or paid internship programs. You can also join the advertisement and magazines industries. Getting an internship program is the right way to begin your career in the fashion design industry where you can focus on your skills, creativity, and become a good fashion designer.

These are some basic fashion design tips that will help beginners to build their careers in fashion designing. A fashion designer should be creative and innovative who is responsible for a specific look of clothing including its shape, line, textures, fabric, colors, and overall design.

Author Bio

Roya Ranjbar the founder of the House of Dezign, has been very passionate about fashion from her childhood. As a student, she studied fashion design in an intensive 7-year fashion program.