Elevating Your Casual Style: Modern Ways to Dress Up Denim

Casual Style

If there is one thing about denim, it is that it will never go out of style! Be it denim jeans or a denim shirt, you can always make your casual style revolve around denim. Even though the denim in your wardrobe will never become old-fashioned, the way you style it can definitely change with time. 

The ways of styling pieces of denim have evolved. How you wear denim in modern times is entirely different from how people dressed them up in the 90s. Let’s take a look at the modern ways to dress up denim to help you enhance your casual style. 

Ways To Style Denim To Enhance Your Casual Style

The below-mentioned are a few ways in which you can stay in touch with current fashion trends to make a fashion statement. 

1. Pair It With A Statement Shirt

There’s a way to upgrade your denim jeans – pair it with a statement shirt. Pick a statement shirt that will match your personal style. The best kind of shirts to wear with denims include plain or checkered shirts. For a casual look, you can wear a regular-fitted shirt that does not stick too much to your body. 

2. Put On A Blazer Or A Jacket

Blazers are not just for formal wear. You can find a variety of casual jackets that you can easily team with your denim jeans. However, while wearing a blazer, make sure you choose the right kind of denim that creates a harmonious look. 

Apart from a blazer, you can also wear a trendy jacket to make your casual outfit look elegant. The combination of denim with a blazer or a jacket will be suitable for office wear, meetings, or even a night out. 

3. Stock Different Types Of Denim

There are many different types of pants for men when it comes to denim. You will find wide-legged denim, straight denim, or relaxed styles. Buy well-fitted jeans because it will help you lay a foundation or a stylish look. 

4. Wear A Belt

Accessories can enhance your style. A good quality belt can make your outfit look stylish. 

Here’s a tip to elevate your casual outfit with a casual belt – be picky while choosing one. Invest in one or two wide belts with sophisticated buckles. A belt will help you create a more defined look. 

4. Wear Your Denim With Polo Shirts

Styling polo shirts with denim will allow you to create a clean and relaxed casual look. A combination of polo shirts with denim looks sophisticated and modern. It also helps you in creating a relaxed look. 

To elevate your casual look, make sure that you make the right color combinations. Being thoughtful about the colors can set your outfit apart from others. 

5. Experiment With Layering

Dressing up denim in the modern time is all about layering. Layering will allow you to add depth to your outfit. However, while layering your denim outfit, make sure you keep the weather in mind. 

For example, if you are styling your denim in winter, you can pair it up with a matching cardigan or a sweater. To add more details to your casual outfit, consider wearing a scarf for a more fashionable twist. 

6. Mix Casual And Formal Items

Who says that formal pieces of clothes are only for wearing at the office? You can easily mix casual and formal items to style your denims in the best way possible. In fact, if you combine both types of clothes, you will be able to break the traditional perception of wearing denim. 

It is simple to mix casual and formal elements for your casual outfit. For example, you can put on a well-fitted trouser with your denim shirt. A mixture of casual and formal pieces will make your outfit look interesting. 

7. Go For Monochromatic Denim Looks

Monochrome outfits look bold. To dress up your denim in the most modern way, you can go with the monochromatic looks. If you pair denim in similar shades, you can create a more cohesive look! Your casual style will look even more sophisticated and eye-catching. 

8. Choose Appropriate Shoes

Style your denim with appropriate shoes. If you are going with the blue denim monochrome look, you can wear tan or brown formal shoes. It is also a great idea to wear high-top shoes with your denims. Such an outfit will make you look charming and elegant. 

9. Play With Textures

You can also mix and match different textures to create a visually appealing look. You can pair a denim jacket with your denim jeans for a stylish outfit. Adding more textures to your outfit will also help you create a layered effect. 

Playing with textures will also add more depth and make your casual look appealing. 

10. Wear Denim Accessories

A modern way to style denim is to wear denim accessories. You can easily expand your denim styles with denim hats or bags. Denim accessories will make your denim outfit look aesthetic. 


11. Be Confident About Your Outfit

The best way to wear denim in modern times is to stay confident about what you are wearing. Confidence is an important element that you should keep in mind while dressing up your denim. 

Make sure that you are comfortable in your style. Confidence speaks for itself. If you are wearing your denim with confidence, you will end up elevating your appearance. 

Wrapping It Up!

Denim is a timeless piece of clothing. It is a versatile cloth that goes with almost anything! The best thing about denim is that it never becomes unfashionable. However, to keep up with the trends, it is essential that you dress up your denim according to the modern style. The tips mentioned above will allow you to create a denim outfit that will speak volumes. 

Don’t forget to accessorize your denim outfit so that you look exceptionally great. Above all, don’t forget to experiment with denim of different styles and shades. It will help you bring more versatility to your modern denim looks.