Capsule Wardrobe: How To Build a Closet That Lasts The Test Of Time

Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion trends change just like the weather. From one minute to another, you will find yourself chasing the next fashion trend in the hope that you can keep up with the crowds. Navigating the fashion trends as someone who wishes to look stylish without exhausting all choices is difficult, more importantly, having a closet filled with fundamental items that can be styled daily is a huge goal. For many, the capsule wardrobe is now their go-to, and they swear by the basic principle of this style.

If you are also looking to create a wardrobe that stands the test of time, we have several tips to get you started. Gone are the days of constantly trying to keep up with trends, now you can settle on the comfort of your casual adobe and enjoy the clothes that go with just about anything! Check out the following suggestions:

Discovering Your Style Identity

The journey of cheating the dream capsule wardrobe starts with discovering your staple style. Perhaps not the style you have been wearing, but a new style that reflects you and your personality perfectly. Take some time to reflect on your style preferences and the tones and shapes that make you feel most happy and confident. Journey through your wardrobe, and single out pieces that you believe resonate with you the most. With this, it the time to say goodbye to the items of clothing that no longer serve you. Donate anywhere possible, or even sell online to a better home. 

Investing in Timeless Pieces

Investing in timeless pieces lies at the heart of creating a capsule wardrobe. If you wish to create a closet that is filled with pieces that you will wear time and time again, you need to take the time to seek out the pieces that match this description. Timeless does not always have to mean expensive. Timeless can be a great pair of jeans that can be tailored as your body shape changes, or a classic collection of smart blazers that can be used for layering outfits depending on the occasion. All in all, you need to research to find brands that house good quality, timeless pieces. Shopping around will be necessary, but it does not need to cost you an arm and leg.

Versatility is Key

Versatility will be your best friend when it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe. Find pieces that can be dressed up for both daytime and nighttime wear. It might sound like a challenge, but this is what makes a capsule wardrobe so timeless. For example, you might have a pair of leather boots that can be worn for daytime wear and dressed up in the evenings paired with a cute dress and purse to match. Be intentional with the pieces that you choose and find ones that have the adaptability to be worn for most occasions. Of course, you might not wear a wedding guest dress every day, but having a classic black dress that can be styled down during the day makes it worthwhile.

Creating Cohesion

A cohesive colour palette is the secret sauce that ties your capsule wardrobe together. Choose a palette that compliments your skin tone and personal style, allowing for easy mix-and-match capabilities. By selecting pieces that harmonise with one another, you’ll create a wardrobe that feels cohesive and curated, with endless outfit possibilities at your fingertips.

Mindful Consumption and Sustainability

As conscientious consumers, it’s essential to consider the environmental and ethical implications of our fashion choices, especially when opting for a capsule wardrobe. When building your capsule wardrobe, opt for ethically produced garments crafted from sustainable materials from independent brands, as opposed to fast fashion giants making false sustainability claims. By supporting brands that prioritise sustainability and ethical labour practices, you can minimise your environmental footprint and contribute to a more equitable fashion industry.

Bottom Line

Overall, building a capsule wardrobe is not only going to benefit you financially by saving money in the long term, but it will also make your day-to-day fashion much more versatile and easy to put together. Consider how long it takes you to choose an outfit each day, now consider what would happen if you whittle down your wardrobe to a few pieces that you love and all match with each other. For example, having a closed abaya collection that features only pieces you love, as opposed to having 10 that never get worn would be against the capsule closet code. Not only that, capsule wardrobes tend to have much better quality clothing, meaning your style will look inherently more expensive. By following the suggested tips, you can create your ideal capsule closet and make your fashion collection, and the environment a better place!