9 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling_ Guide for Seniors

To make sure you’re at the top of your game while traveling, home care services can be an invaluable tool to help ensure your road trip there is safe and rewarding. This list will give you insights into what home care companies can offer to make your journey pleasant and

The following are 9 easy ways you can prepare yourself for travel with home care agencies help:

  1. Pack Light And Smart

Making sure that any home health aide agency you work with takes all of your requirements into consideration before sending someone to assist you on your trip makes sense, right? If not, here’s why it’s important: home care professionals are human too. They get sick sometimes, and they may even have plans of their own while you’re on vacation. If your home health professional is not allowed to go with you on your trip because they’ve got school or a prior obligation, then someone else will be sent to help you instead.

  1. Pack Your Medication

Be sure that all medications that you require in a day are carefully packed into your luggage. Triple check this even! It would be a nightmare if you were taking medication for a chronic condition such as high blood pressure and the pills fell out of a suitcase pocket when going through airport security. That’s why home care agencies suggest labeling all prescription bottles with “CONTAINS MEDICINE” in bold red letters.

  1. Pack A Daily Planner And To-Do List

If home care home health aides are helping out with your daily activities, make sure you print a to-do list in the morning to help them know what needs to be done throughout the day. Following up on your home care support means less work for you later when you get home. Plus, an agenda will keep both of you organized and accountable for the daily tasks at hand.

  1. Pack Snacks And Water

Traveling can take up a lot of energy, even if only driving across the city or just walking to your hotel room from the airport shuttle bus stop. Seniors often need snacks to replenish energy quickly throughout the day, so home care home health aides suggest packing some snacks and water bottles in your suitcase.

  1. Pack Your Medication On Top And Close To You

Make sure that all medications are placed on top of any baggage you’re checking.  Let home care home health aides know if there’s medication you’ll need ASAP (such as an EpiPen or nitroglycerin). Don’t place them in your carry-on bag if at all possible; instead, pack them into the outside pocket of your backpack, suitcase, or duffle bag for easy access.

  1. Pack A Map And List Of Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

If one of care home health aides accompanies you on your trip,  make sure they have a map of the city and a list of emergency contact numbers should anything happen while you’re away.  After all, home health care professionals are not allowed to drive your car unless they’re on the list of authorized drivers

  1. Pack A List Of Your Medications

If you’re traveling across state lines or out of the country, home care health aides advise seniors care to bring a complete list of medications with them. Depending on where you plan to go, home health home care professionals may be required to submit the list to customs.

  1. Pack A List Of Doctors And Pharmacies Nearby

Another important list home health home care professionals advise seniors to bring is a complete list of nearby doctors and pharmacies should you need immediate medical attention when traveling abroad or out of state. Visiting a new doctor while away from home can be challenging, so home health home care professionals suggest including your home health aide on doctor’s appointments you have before leaving home.

  1. Pack A Digital Camera

Digital cameras are an awesome way of capturing memories while traveling without taking up too much space in luggage or carrying around extra devices. If home care health aides are helping out with your home care support, make sure they’re aware of the digital camera and how to use it. They’ll help identify people you may want to photograph during your trip, too!

After reading this guide for home care health aides and seniors home care professionals can help seniors pack their bags smarter than ever before so senior citizens feel fresh as a daisy instead of exhausted from travel. With these tips in hand, home health home care professionals can ensure that their senior patients stay healthy while traveling.