3 Tips For Surviving Day Trips With Kids

Day Trips

Having a day out with the kids is a great way to spend quality time with one another, but they’re also a recipe for disaster if not planned in advance or if your little ones aren’t too interested in what you’ve got planned. With the school holidays looming, or if you simply want to plan something to do over the weekend, then having some tips and ideas on how to survive family days out can help you make sure the outing is a success. 

Day trips are a great way to entertain children without the cost and intensity of travelling and can include almost anything you want to do or see. You want to make sure that you plan and prepare as much as you can beforehand so that the day is more organised and enjoyable for all. So, with that in mind, here are 3 tips for surviving day trips with kids. 

Consider Everyone’s Interests

This is especially important if you have children who are of different ages, as they will naturally be interested in different activities. You want to make sure that, when planning a family day trip, you look for things which involve everyone’s interests and needs. 

For example, younger children will get bored and frustrated if they are expected to stay still and quiet for extended periods of time, whilst older children might not be interested in loud and busy soft play. If older relatives are joining you too, they likely won’t want to be walking around all day. Before finalising any plans, be sure to do some research online to get a bit more insight into what activities you had in mind that will suit everyone on the day. 

Plan A Budget

Days out are a good way to break up the long school holidays and can be a great alternative to a costly staycation if you don’t have the budget. However, family days out can soon get costly and all the little extras such as ice creams and souvenirs will add up. Plan a budget for your day out before the day so that you can be prepared. 

Fo example, if you’re planning a visit to the zoo, you’ll know that grabbing lunch there is not only costly, but it doesn’t offer the best in terms of nutrition for young and excited kids. Instead, pack a picnic lunch to take with you, consisting of things such as sandwiches, fruit, snacks and other treats. If you’re going on a day which is meant to be warm, then you can use an insulated lunch box to pack your own ice creams and ice lollies, or for those cooler days out, fill a flask with hot chocolate and pack some paper cups to sip from. 

Know Your Travel Plans

If you’ve got a car, then you might think it’s easy enough to just pack it with what you need and be on your way. But, particularly if you’ve got younger children, it’s well worth doing some research about your journey beforehand. If you’re going into a city centre be sure to take a look at the parking options beforehand so that you’re not spending too much time driving around searching for a parking spot or walking far to get to where you’ve got planned – for example, there are plenty of car parks in Leeds that are closeby to the leading attractions so that you’re not walking across the city. 

In some instances, it might be easier and more convenient to take public transport rather than driving, such as if you’re going to the seaside or somewhere with limited parking. With younger children, you can turn this into a fun adventure itself – give them their train tickets and try to secure a window seat so that they can look out during their journey.