Top Home Products To Build With Plastic Instead of Wood

Most home products are traditionally built with wood, but plastic is becoming a viable alternative in the construction industry. Not only is it easy to install, but it can last longer than the traditional wooden fence. In some cases, plastic can be more durable and eco-friendly than wood. Here are five home products you can build with plastic instead of wood.

Fencing around the home is important because it provides privacy and marks property boundaries. If you are dreaming of a white picket fence, you may be able to build it with plastic. While wood fencing can rot over time, plastic is durable, and mildew can be easily washed away. There are already many plastic fencing materials out there on the market, but it’s best to choose fencing made from 100% recycled plastic.

Additionally, these fences are safer for children as they are not prone to splintering wood or rusty nails. It’s not uncommon to see damage on wooden fences that would cause any parent to pause. To ensure your child is as safe as possible when playing in the backyard, consider plastic fencing.

Steps are another home product that is usually made with wood, but they can easily be crafted with plastic. Flat plastic sheets like the ones from Sandhill Plastics can be used to create a set of front, side, or back steps. This is also a great choice if you prefer a certain color. Instead of painting steps (and repainting over time), buying plastic in your desired shade is an easy way to ensure that you keep the same color throughout. Of course, washing might be required but this is a simple upkeep in comparison.

Due to high foot traffic, wood steps can rot and become unstable over time, but plastic steps will be able to hold up to more wear and tear. When you choose this alternative, you are quite literally taking a step towards a more sustainable home.

Steps can be made from plastic, and so can your deck. Everyone wants a huge deck out back that they can use for relaxing, grilling, and entertaining. Wood can be very expensive, so building a plastic deck could prove to be a more affordable alternative. Best of all, you can feel good about helping the environment when you build a deck out of 100% recycled plastic. You are removing plastic waste from the oceans while giving yourself something you always dreamed of.

If fences, decks, and steps can be built with plastic, so can lumber. Using plastic lumber over wood has several benefits, making it an excellent alternative for home-builders who want to reduce, reuse, and recycle. In the future, it’s very possible that homes could be constructed with 100% recycled plastic lumber. That would save a lot of trees and reduce plastic waste drastically. Plastic lumber can be used for building sheds, garden beds, playhouses, shelving, and more. Just about anything you can build with wooden lumber, you can build with plastic.

Most commonly, sheds have been constructed with plastic. Often, these exteriors mimic woodwork and have lovely designs for cheap. These sheds can be used for storage, as well as a place for using tools. Perhaps a plastic shed could be used for a small greenhouse. There are many options available!

As you can see, these are just a few home products that can be made with plastic instead of wood. Many other wooden home products that may be able to be constructed with 100% recycled plastic. If you want to build your home in a more eco-friendly manner, you may want to consider these alternatives.