Stylish Kitchen Enhancements Under $100

A large-scale remodel or a large expense is not necessary to transform your kitchen. Upgrade elements like your backsplash, cabinets, flooring, or lighting and get amazing benefits for a very little outlay. Here are some ideas from interior designers for improving your kitchen without going over $100. These changes will increase the worth of your house in addition to making you appreciate it more. Whether you’re planning to sell or just want to refresh your space, consulting with a Home Builder Sydney can also provide additional insights and professional tips for kitchen upgrades.

Makeover Your Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is among the easiest and least expensive methods to update the appearance of your kitchen. A new coat of paint may make a big impact whether you decide to go for a new color or update the current one. Depending on the color you choose, painting your cabinets may brighten, expand, and give the space a contemporary or even historic air.

“While a bright white can certainly be compelling, leaning into color can help elevate the vibe of your kitchen,” says interior designer Audrey Scheck. “To contrast against white or off-white walls, look for muted greens, muddy browns, or ivory.” The appropriate color choice may also express your tastes and personality and help your kitchen seem really like your own.

Invest in New Lighting Fixtures

The way your kitchen feels generally may be greatly influenced by changing your light fittings. Over the island, replace a chandelier or other mounted fixture with new pendant lighting. This project may greatly enhance the atmosphere of your kitchen and is fast and cheap. The finest elements of your kitchen may be emphasized by the appropriate lighting, which can also make the space seem cozy and welcoming and even improve cooking enjoyment.

Should you like to save even more money, think about removing the old light and giving it a new coat of paint or varnish before replacing it. This do-it-yourself project may provide a unique touch and guarantee that the lighting in your kitchen blends well with the general layout.

Put in a Statement-Making Task Lamp

Adding a striking task lamp to your kitchen may still update the lighting even if electrical work isn’t your strong suit. Popularity is growing for this simple approach to give your room personality. Either buy something new that fits your style or thrift for a unique design. Task lights may both be beautiful pieces that improve the appearance of the kitchen and offer concentrated illumination for certain chores like reading recipes or cooking.

Put in a New Rug

While replacing your kitchen flooring is an expensive project, you may create the illusion of new flooring by putting down a new rug. Your kitchen is made cozier and warmer by this as well. Playing with colors and patterns, interior designer Kristin Marino of KozyKasa advises decorating with the seasons. To avoid slippage, use a good rug mat. Your kitchen may be defined, given a burst of color, and even seem cozier and more welcoming with a well-chosen rug.

Hardware Exchange

Changing either the knobs or pulls on your current cabinet hardware can quickly update your kitchen. For an updated appearance, you may also give the current hardware a new coat of paint or polish. Without the expense and inconvenience of replacing your cabinets completely, this little adjustment may make them seem brand new.

“After about 20 years, cabinet hardware will feel dated, much like most tile and plumbing,” adds Scheck. “Generally speaking, you should never carry more than two metals in any one area. To increase visual appeal in your kitchen, for instance, consider utilizing brass or black cabinet hardware if your plumbing is chrome. Using this method guarantees a unified appearance that combines contemporary elements with classic ones.

Repurposed and Thrift Furniture

One inexpensive approach to get distinctive items into your kitchen is to thrift and upcycle furniture. A basic dresser may be converted into a sideboard, or an antique work table into a kitchen island. Giving classic kitchen furniture, such as a hutch or Hoosier cabinet, a makeover may make your area more charming and useful. In addition to saving money, upcycling lets you design unique items that showcase your individuality and flair.

Spring for a Stylish Garbage Can

Though contemporary designer garbage cans may greatly enhance the appearance of your kitchen, every kitchen requires one. Nickson Living creator Cameron Johnson advises selecting a combination of design and function. “This will accent your kitchen design and let you hide your trash in plain sight,” he explains. Even the most ordinary objects may improve a room, as shown by the way a chic trash can can go with your kitchen décor.

Organize a Chic Gallery

Kitchens may also look fantastic with gallery walls; they’re not only for the living room. Gorgeous plates, cutting boards, or baskets may be displayed to form a gallery wall, as can framed artwork or still-life oil paintings of food. Your kitchen will seem more lived in and cherished with this unique touch. A carefully chosen gallery wall may elevate your kitchen and spark discussion.

Hang New Window Coverings

Fresh window coverings may update the appearance of your kitchen. Marino advises, “To keep the environment bright and airy, use a lightweight fabric, like linen. “To prevent sun fading, be sure you have a liner.” Along with controlling light, window coverings may give your kitchen texture and color as well as seclusion. Whether you choose shades, blinds, or curtains, this easy modification may improve your room’s appearance and use.

Coordinate Your Worktops

Your kitchen needs some flair and charm added. To achieve different heights, try arranging cookbook stacks on your counters both vertically and horizontally. Any blank space may be filled and a flash of color added by little art pieces. Your counters may also look better if you exhibit lovely kitchenware, like a gorgeous set of knives or a wooden cutting board. With the right countertop styling, your kitchen may seem less like a strictly utilitarian area and more like a part of your house.

Position a Solid Wood Cutting Board Over the Stovetop

An elegant and useful addition to your kitchen, a solid wood cutting board reveals the wood’s natural grain. It functions as a cocktail tray, workstation, charcuterie plate, or service dish as well. When not in use, leaving the cutting board on the cooktop makes that area useful and improves its sometimes industrial appearance. Your kitchen will seem cozier and more sophisticated with this easy addition of warmth and natural beauty.

Makeover Your Grout

A room might seem dimly lit with dirty grout. One almost free kitchen makeover that may really make a big impact is grout refreshment. Your kitchen will seem newer and more attractive overall if your grout lines are clean. This little element may really influence how your kitchen feels and looks overall.

Set Up Under Cabinet Lighting

Put in LED under-cabinet lighting to increase kitchen efficiency and beauty. Marino comments, “It gives a modern touch and also provides useful task lighting.” Find motion sensor lights if you can. When you raid snacks late at night, this will assist light your area. Meal preparation may be made quicker and more pleasurable in your kitchen with under-cabinet illumination, which also highlights your worktops.

Change Out Your Faucet

One quick and reasonably priced kitchen improvement is replacing your faucet. Just remove your current faucet and install a contemporary one that complements your style. For a flawless installation, turn off the water supply first and carefully follow the instructions. Your sink area may look and operate better with a new faucet, which will make working there more enjoyable. Select a faucet with the functions you require, including touchless operation or a pull-down sprayer.

Design a Backsplash

An accent wall may give your kitchen personality. Though it might become pricey, there are plenty of inexpensive choices, like wallpaper, chalkboard paint, and stick-on tiles. To make your kitchen stand out, choose one spot—like behind the sink or stove—and artistically highlight the backsplash. A backsplash done effectively can give your kitchen individuality, color, and texture while also shielding your walls from spills and splatters.

Build-in Open Shelving

Beautiful dishware may be displayed cheaply by removing cabinet doors to provide open shelves. For dimension, take out the hardware and paint the inside a new color or add wallpaper. Your kitchen might seem larger and airier with open shelves, which also makes it easier to reach often-used goods. Putting lovely dishes, glasses, and culinary accouterments on display may add flair and warm your space.

With these low-cost kitchen makeovers, you can update your area without having to do a whole makeover. Your kitchen may seem brand-new and welcoming while still being within your means with a little work and imagination. These upgrades may improve the enjoyment and style of your kitchen whether you’re cooking, hosting guests, or just having a cup of coffee. Engaging with a Modern Home Builder can also help incorporate these improvements seamlessly into your kitchen’s existing structure and design, ensuring a cohesive and stylish outcome.