How to Rent a Benz For a Day

Rent a Benz

Nowadays, it is very easy to rent a Benz for a day. Many luxury car hire firms have a wide range of luxury car rides in their fleet, and you can get anything from Benzes to Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The rental fees may vary depending on the car model but are completely worth it.

When it comes to Benzes, the Mercedes G Wagon G63/G550 and Mercedes Benz S 550 are the most sought-after models. We will review both models while highlighting some tips on how to rent a Benz for a day. Remember, these tips will apply even when hiring other luxury car models.

Mercedes G Wagon G63/G550 Review

The G63 is an SUV built for off-roading. It is quite powerful, but the build is pleasing, so you will not feel out of place even when driving within the city. The interior is fitted with leather seats and the infotainment system is nice, too.

It is powered by a 5.5L V8 Biturbo engine capable of getting you from 0-60mph in under six seconds. It is also very easy to handle, even when cruising on uneven terrain. The G Wagon G63 is the perfect car ride if you want something to go on those long trips in the countryside.

Benz S 550 Review

The S-Class is regarded as one of the best models from the Mercedes family. It is a full-sized luxury ride that brings out everything you need, whether for a wedding or a business meeting. This iconic sedan features the best interiors with OLED screens and a modern navigation unit.

It is also a beast on the roads, powered by a 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder engine. The steering and handling systems are also quite advanced, making it easy for you to control it even when traveling at top speeds.

Your Budget

Hiring a Benz is not that expensive, and you can get a Benz S 550 for less than $500 USD per day. However, you also have to include other expenses such as security deposit and professional chauffeur fees. You can visit see this site for more information.

You can get the G Wagon G63/G550 for around $800 USD. We still encourage you to do your market research to find cheaper and better deals. If you want to rent a Benz for a day, consider other things such as customer service and the state of the cars.

Traveling Party

Benzes are powerful, and they have nice indoor and outdoor aesthetics. Before hiring an exotic ride, it is good to consider your traveling party. The G Wagon G63/G550 is the perfect fit if you are going on long rides.

It is quite spacious and includes a massive trunk size for your luggage. The G Wagon G63/G550 handles off-roading better than other models. On the other hand, the Benz S 550 is also a good pick if you want something modern with a touch of class for weddings or business meetings.

Wrapping Up

You will never go wrong with a Benz. Whether a wedding, business meeting or road trip, you will find a Benz model that fits your needs. If you want a taste of luxury on a budget, we recommend going for either the G63 or Benz S 550.