Maxwell Drever shows the path to solving the affordable workforce-housing catastrophe

Affordable housing is a grave challenge for modern societies. Thousands of agencies have dedicated themselves to social welfare issues associated with secure, safe, and affordable housing. These are considered reasonable for inhabitants who allocate around 30% of their total income on rent. Hence, a simple definition of affordable housing is a residential unit that falls within the affordability of the medium-income population. Since 2019, most medium-income families have struggled to pay their housing rent.

On average, these households do not have access to affordable housing in the city centers. As a result, the demand for these housing units has surged high. Along with this, increasing expenses on other essentials and economic challenges have only added to their suffering.

Along with this, there are countless misconceptions related to affordable housing and the related benefits. Remember that it is an advantage for the tenant and communities at large.


Affordable housing creates countless opportunities for economic growth that help foster a healthy, stable, and happy population. When individuals get safe housing, they focus on the other essential aspects of life. Maxwell Drever explains when they have a fixed address, a secure location to call home, this adds to the community feeling.

Individuals begin to work on their goals and live a life of prosperity. As a result, it is an opportunity for every section of society. It is beneficial for the workforce population and real estate investors. These individuals trying their luck in the real estate industry may grab this opportunity for building residential units to reap regular income.


Remember that there are misconceptions related to affordable housing damaging the community. There are many fallacies related to the characteristics and nature of affordable units. However, people are slowly trying to understand the in-depth meaning of affordable housing development. Remember that it is a common problem all across the globe. Although most individuals disregard the benefit, there is a growing tendency to delve deep into the advantages. An affirmative attitude of every community member is necessary to make affordable workforce housing a reality.

Government’s role

People have various needs and recommendations. The government is not only for regulating state machinery but also to cater to the population’s demand for the citizens who have voted them to power. Hence, a responsible government must pay attention to the economic scenario and the needs popping up there.

As a result, Maxwell Drever acknowledges that the government must develop policies and programs to create employment opportunities and residential units for the workforce. Remember that the workforce population forms the backbone of society with an area median income of 60 to 120%. They spend more than 30% of their earnings on paying rent. Hence, they require support from the government and other philanthropic organizations.

Along with this, a positive role of real estate investors and landlords is necessary. Remember that it is a problem of the community at large. Hence, by providing this vulnerable section of society with a safe shelter, they can resolve this homelessness issue.