5 Lead Benefits of Working as a Freelance Software Developer in 2022

Software Developer
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These days, a multitude of companies are looking for intelligent match-making in the IT sector. This includes web development, application development, and several other tech-related projects. Hence, the number of freelance websites is increasing. Recently, taking up freelance jobs has become a more suitable option for developers.

Why has remote work become a mode of income for so many people, especially in the field of tech? It provides numerous advantages and has quiet benefits to offer. In this article, we shall discuss five advantages of working as a freelance software developer. 

Grow your career

It is one of the best ways to develop your portfolio. You are not limited to a single enterprise. Mainly, it depends on the software developer’s choice. There is such a vast freelance network out there. A person is not stuck on an office desk performing assigned tasks. It is indeed much more exposure in a way.

Plus, you can use your expertise on a range of projects and diversify your remote developer resume. Moreover, software engineers can find projects according to their experience. Working with different types of clients can even assist in improving communication as well as management skills. 

For many businesses, hiring a freelance software developer is a more cost-effective solution. More so there are freelancing websites for remote team hiring one can take advantage of. Plus, it rids them of the burden of searching through resumes. This is where more and more online opportunities are being born. Ultimately, it leads to more learning for the software expert.

Effective time management

Efficiently dividing hours can become an issue. This especially applies to an office job. The environment can become stressful and burdensome. Daily commute, fuel refilling, arranging lunches, etc add to the hours spent in a workplace. 

Software development is not only time-consuming. It requires a certain level of patience, commitment, and dedication. Every phase of the process has to be handled with concentration and utmost care. A work-from-home job in freelance software development rids a person of these extra pressures. 

You can make your schedule according to various tasks. For some people, working at home gives them a more relaxing atmosphere. They can give more time to family, personal care, and other tasks. That is the beauty of freelance software developer jobs.

Be your own boss

You are not working under someone, hence the worries of being answerable to a “boss” are significantly reduced. The additional anxiety of making a mistake and letting a team lead down can be very tough.

With the choice of working remotely, meetings and conferences become a thing of the past. Zoom and Google meet are more common with online jobs. The office is not responsible for giving a timetable.

Infact, you can create your own schedule. It is based on an individual’s daily activities. It does not matter if you are a night owl or a morning bird! Anything can work in your favor.

Make more bucks

Gone are the days of fixed salaries. Today is all about multiple ways of making money. When it comes to web developer hourly rates, there are some types. It all depends on the relevant experience of the candidate. 

From startups to medium-sized businesses and huge enterprises, companies are ready to pay for outsourcing their software development projects. With help from freelance websites, one can set their own cost. Another thing about a regular job is the fixed salary. The freelance marketplace is full of job openings. 

Another thing is that you get to keep all the profits. This means that an individual is protected from working at a minimum rate.

Less additional expenditure 

An average day spent in a workplace takes up a certain portion of your daily income. It includes fuel cost, cost of transportation, lunch, going back home, Efficiently dividing hours, etc. All of these costs are cut down when you take up freelancing. 

The FlexJobs 10th Annual Survey found that 44% of respondents say they know at least one person who has quit or is planning to quit because their employers are requiring them to work from the office. 

A few years ago, people had to move to other cities if they found better job options. This has changed now, all thanks to work from home careers.

The covid19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for the trend of freelancing as well as remote working. Top freelancers and senior developers can make 159,444 dollars in the United States of America. Imagine this amount of money without any typical office expenses!


Working as a freelance software developer indeed comes with its pros and cons. However, in this situation, the advantages outnumber the disadvantages. Simply means the positives outweigh the negatives. In addition, employers are willing to pay more and more these days. 

This goes in favor of varying levels of software engineers. From entry-level developers to senior engineers, there are potential job posts for every individual. Some of the best websites include Lemon, Gaper, Upwork. Virtual job boards even offer training programs for budding IT talent.