Men’s Guide to Choose the Right Leather Jacket for Formal Events:

Leather jackets look fantastic when worn casually. And if you know how to ride a bike, then needless to say that your whole ‘biker look’ will force people to stop and stare right at you. But leather jackets at formal events have mixed opinions from people.

We used to be one of them until we figured out the key to rocking a leather jacket with a crisp dress shirt, a stunning tie, and a pair of neatly ironed dress pants. There are multiple kinds of leather jackets, and all of them go perfectly with specific outfits designed just for them.

Are you curious to see how they look like in real? Hurry up and read on below!

6 Perfect Leather Jacket Looks to Rock your Formal Events:

Under this heading, we will share with you six perfect leather jacket looks which will restore your faith in getting out of your comfort zone in fashion and embrace the charm of leather jackets in formal attires!

First things first, invest in your favorite leather jacket to style these looks. You can quickly get genuine leather jackets by Alamode

without having to worry about their quality. So now that we’ve sorted that, let’s begin to check these looks out!

  1. Look Cool at Office Parties:

Formal office parties don’t just have to be men in suits or dress shirts. You can always kick up a notch and experiment with your signature style. How about wearing a plain white formal shirt with black pants and pairing it with a cool, quilted leather jacket?

Quilted leather jackets have unique but not too over-the-top patterns on them, which go well to elevate the whole outfit to another level. It’s the most formal yet straightforward look with a hint of zing to suit your event.

  1. Grace your Formal Meetings:


Formal meetings need to be carefully dealt with. From your dressing to your communication skills, everything has to be on point. Fortunately, we have your back at making sure your outfit remains on topic.

Be it a formal meeting to close a critical deal at your office or a formal meeting to meet the parents of your to-be partner, and we are here to make sure you make a stunning first impression through your style. Formal meetings required clothing of light colors to give out a more sophisticated look.

Like the guy in the picture above, you can pair any pastel/light-colored shirt (specifically ice blue, white, lilac, cream, etc.) with any dark pants and a matching tie. The cherry on top of your entire outfit is the beautiful leather jacket which should 100% match the color of your pants or tie to complete the look.

  1. TuneUp Formal Dinner with Colleagues:

A formal dinner requires a person to dress up, if not in a full suit, then definitely in something which would complement a blazer or a jacket to complete the look. Lucky for you, we have just the thing to make sure you look just stunning in your gathering of colleagues.

The best bet for you to tune up a formal dinner is to take a simple black leather jacket and pair it with a crisp white shirt, black pants, and a plain black tie. Just like the guy in the picture above is carrying the entire outfit gracefully, so can you!

  1. Turns Heads in a Wedding as a Guest… or as a Groom!

The best thing about leather jackets is that they look good in gothic, biker attires, and informal events, including weddings. Now, we’re pretty sure you may not have expected leather jackets to make an appearance at weddings, but it turns out they fit into it just as well as tuxedos.

If you saw the picture above, you would notice that both bride and the groom are wearing black leather jackets and looking stunning while doing so. Black and white matches are made in heaven, especially if you wear them as a newly wedded couple!

This wedding season, ditch your tuxedos and blazers and go for a trendy leather jacket to rock your big day!

  1. Charm your Partner at Date Night:

Date nights are crucial for so many reasons. Despite you dating your partner for years, it is super important for you to put in extra effort to make sure you look good for your significant other. To honor the momentous night of your relationship, clad yourself in a simple but stylish leather jacket that goes well with the shirt you wear.

Going entire black never goes wrong but do explore darker shades of brown to go with white or cream-colored shirts. You know better which color suits you, but don’t forget to add in some extra zing to charm your date!

  1. Grace Rehearsal Dinners with your Stunning Leather Look:

Rehearsal dinners can be bland for some. However, you can kick it up a notch by diving into some great outfit ideas, which you can wear with your favorite leather jacket. There are many options to choose from and plan your entire look according to your preferred leather jacket.

If you want to be on the safer side, go for black, brown, or maroon. If you’re open to experiment, go for a camel or even a white leather jacket. They go perfectly well with white pants and white or pastel shirts. Explore your options and find out which leather jacket style speaks for you the most!

Final Thoughts: 

This is your sign if you are looking for a hint to wear your favorite leather jacket at a super formal event. Go for it! We provided you with enough options to get an idea about what goes with what. Now all you need to do is find out your favorite look and nail it at your critical formal events.

Leather jackets have been stereotyped to be the clothing of bikers or people with gothic fashion styles. The truth is, leather jackets not only go with anything you set it with but also look stunning doing so.