MagnetDL Proxy list Unblocked MagnetDL Proxy sites [New 2023]

MagnetDL Proxy

MagnetDL is a website that allows users to download files using the BitTorrent protocol. The site has been controversial due to its alleged involvement in copyright infringement. MagnetDL provides a search engine for magnet links and torrent files, as well as a forum where users can discuss various topics.

MagnetDL proxy is a site that allows users to access the MagnetDL website without having to go through the main site. This can be useful for people who want to download files without being tracked by the main site. The proxy also allows people to access the site if it is down or blocked by their ISP.

The MagnetDL Features:

  • Torrent File List Information
  • Magnet Links for every Torrent
  • Seeders/leecher ratio details

MagnetDL proxy

List of  Top Working MagnetDL Proxy and Mirror Sites

MagnetDL Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
MagnetDL Proxy1 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Proxy2 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Proxy3 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Proxy4 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Proxy5 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Proxy6 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Mirror1 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Mirror2 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Mirror 3 Online Very Fast
MagnetDL Mirror 4 Online Very Fast


MagnetDL proxy is a popular way to access MagnetDL

Now and then there are no torrent files on a popular torrent platform such as MagnetDL Proxy. Rather, it provides only hyperlinks for the hash code to be obtained for the torrents. These links are referred to as magnet connections. Magnetdl is a clean and minimalist designed torrent-indexing website/torrent search engine.

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If you want to find ways to block Magnetdl in the country, then you’re in the right spot, my dear friend. You will find the easiest way to use and unblock MagnetDL in this post.

Is it safe to use MagnetDL?

This question may be bound on your mind like any other MagnetDL person. Although it does not matter for links to torrent pages, you can be warned of it by the ISP if your IP address is not protected by a trustworthy VPN.

Ok, you should even learn how to conceal your IP address entirely from your ISP’s radar for your internet activities. You can also grab the favorite torrent files from MagnetDL mirror pages without your ISP’s knowledge (Internet Service Provider)

A few bad people also send ransomware to the uploaded torrent archives. Downloading such files will impact your computer and reveal some difficult answers.

So, make sure you read the previous reports on this file before uploading some torrent file to verify if it is safe to download or not. Install a trustworthy antivirus to avoid some sort of malware attack on your computer.

How does MagnetDL Unblock?

You can’t use MagnetDL directly if you live in a country where the government and ISPs prohibit MagnetDL. However, there are some basic methods that MagnetDL can be unblocked and downloaded quickly.

  • Main Website –

This minimalist website is regarded as a big magnet connecting directory. The download speed is also much higher than for most torrent pages. But you need to add a BitTorrent customer on your computer to download a file from this portal. You can either streamer it or make use of the direct connection option to download it if you are an avid fan of video content.

  • is a famous torrent site that allows you to download the most recent films at 0 costs.

Do you know what is most important when a consumer tries to seek the connection between the billions of a certain magnet?

A clean, simple-to-use interface gateway, And the people liked it, ensured!

The services can be allowed indefinitely for Bonus Point- Torrent Lovers in Limeyland since the UK ISPs have not blocked it.


A huge active repository for the download of torrent files is You can download the new Bollywood and Hollywood movies at no cost. A number of video games, music movies, and apps can also be found on this torrent site along with movies and television shows/web series.

You can find your favorite movies, TV shows/web series, and search apps in a search bar on the Website’s front page. An easy and fast gui to help you connect to a certain web page is available on these free-to-use Torrent websites.

  • still flies under the radar, but it has already been labeled by millions of customers as their favorite location!

It is one of the most complex and insightful ‘help sections,’ on this public torrent website.

If you know that is near the top 10 of the best-known torrent portals?


Magnetdl. unblock project. red is one of the largest torrent databases that merge search engine searches and torrent ties.

It provides torrents for various content types such as movies, web series, games, and applications, and also has a clean UI that makes torrenting on different devices extremely fast!


Finally, remember that even the best MagnetDL proxy won’t be able to bypass all restrictions. If you’re in a country with strict internet censorship laws, you may not be able to access MagnetDL at all. In this case, you’ll need to find another way to download torrents.

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