5 Underrated Cartoon Shows You Need to Check Out in 2022  

Cartoon Shows

We all remember the time when we used to be crazy about watching cartoon shows as kids. The animation industry has come a long way ever since that time.

But still, there are certain cartoon shows that we probably took for granted. These shows had intriguing storylines and top-notch humor.

In this article, we are going to take you back in time and talk about some of the criminally underrated cartoons shows that we believe deserve more appreciation.

Let’s get started and talk about 5 underrated cartoon shows that you need to check out in 2022

1. Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a fantasy-based, comedy animated series that features a lot of action as well. Although the character designs are far from reality in this cartoon show, it is still quite fun.

The cartoon show takes place in a post-apocalyptic space where the protagonist goes on various adventures to save the day. You can watch this show on kim cartoon, along with many other popular cartoon shows. We will update you about Adventure Time.

2. Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty is one of the most famous cartoon shows of recent times. Thanks to its sci-fi nature, this cartoon show is highly recommended for adults as well.

This show features the adventures of Rick, an eccentric scientist, and Morty who is Rick’s grandson.

3. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Grim Adventures of Bolly and Mandy is a Cartoon Network Classic series that has been popular for so many years. This show features two kids, Billy and Mandy, who befriend the grim reaper.

The grim reaper develops a love-hate relationship with the kids and the show ends up taking a lot of twists and turns that keep things interesting throughout their journey.

4. The Jetsons

The Jetsons is an all-time classic cartoon series released way back in the 1960s. This cartoon series shows a futuristic world filled with robots, aliens, and holograms.

This show is one of the very first cartoon series that made this form of entertainment popular in the entire world. People all over the world watched the Jetsons and the show was a huge phenomenon back in the day.

5. Rugrats

Rugrats is also a classic cartoon series released in 1991. This show is as old as many cartoon shows and manga series that you find on the manga stream.

Rugrats has received a lot of awards and the show was well-received by the audience from all over the world. It is one of the longest-running cartoon shows that you can find out there.

Final Words

Cartoons are just as fun for adults as they are for kids. These shows are an amazing form of art that can keep you entertained for hours. The cartoon shows that we have talked about here include the latest shows and some all-time classics that would help you spend your free time in a fun and meaningful way.

So, check out the cartoon shows we have talked about in this article and let us know what you think about them. Stay connected for more trending updates!