A Perfect Compilation Of Online Food Delivery Business And Ubereats Clone App

Uber Clone Application

Every commoner and entrepreneur are aware of the popularity of food delivery apps. If a sector starts shining and meets the expectations of users, then automatically, it will become competitive. Currently, the food delivery business is characterized by more competition and, of course, quick reachability.

Any sprouting business person can gain profits quickly in the food delivery business, provided the app should be robust, and the marketing techniques must align with the current trends. Read this blog so that you can unearth every detail of the online food delivery business, like the benefits, business models, and revenue model. Also, you will clearly understand the importance of laying money into developing a food delivery app like UberEats.

How are food delivery platforms beneficial to customers and business owners?


On a busy day, a customer can’t think of going out to a restaurant, waiting for the order to get processed, making the payment and then consuming. While there is a convenient option for delivery, definitely customers will choose door delivery instead of running out in search of a restaurant.

While ordering food is easy for customers, for business owners, keeping a check on the number of orders is also easy.


The most-loved trait of food delivery apps is the minimum delivery time. Most of the food delivery platforms hand over the orders to the customers without exceeding half an hour. Customers can place orders half an hour before their lunch timing and can get the orders hot at their door. Since the delivery speed of orders is valued among customers, you must never compromise on that.

Offers and promotions

It is easy to spread out the offers and other promotions related to your food delivery business to customers through an app. If you analyze in-depth, promoting your business will seem much more easy and effective through an application. For example, the food delivery app will have an in-app discounts/promotion code generator, which will automatically add the promo code to the account of eligible customers. So, this will save you time. Similarly, there are many ways to market your business through online channels. Hence, carrying out the promotional activities through the app is effective and time-saving.

How food delivery apps are classified into business models?

You may be eager to know on what basis food delivery apps are classified into business models. Simply, food delivery apps are split into various categories based on metrics like logistics support, delivery persons, and partnerships.

Apps focussed on order taking

There are online food ordering apps that are focused only on receiving and distributing the orders to the restaurants. Businesses functioning under this concept will neither provide logistics support or delivery persons. All the essentials required for delivering the orders like boxes, vehicles, and delivery persons have to be taken care of by the restaurants partnered on the app. The benefit gained from this type of business model is that restaurant partners can get visibility through the app.

Apps focussed on both ordering and delivery

The best choice for restaurants is partnering with platforms that provide facilities for order placement and logistics support. Though the commission rate acquired by these platforms will be high, restaurant partners will get the advantage of logistics as well as visibility for their restaurants. Basically, platforms that offer both ordering and delivery support are called marketplace apps.

Dedicated restaurant software

Restaurant owners who own logistics/delivery persons and are confident enough to increase the visibility of their business can develop their own software for order placement.

Stages embedded in starting an online food delivery business

Stage 1: Market research and planning

The intent behind performing market research is to identify the customer’s pain points, whether there is a need for a whole new business solution and also the scope. Where there is demand, there will be supply, right? Hence, you must know exactly whether there will be demand for your business or not.

Stage 2: Finding the competitors and analysing them

Before moving on to the metrics involved in competitive analysis, you need to know that competitor analysis is not a one and done process. To project your business among customers, you need to clearly understand your competitors. On the whole, competitor analysis is a continual process.

Getting into the different metrics of competitor analysis, let us discuss the major ones. For example, you need to identify the keywords that help consumers to land up at your competitor’s website. Online tools are available for keyword analysis, which will clearly let you know how to improve/optimize your keywords.

Other metrics include product/service comparison, pricing comparison, feedback, consumer’s demographics, etc.

Stage 3: Selection of business model

You have already been exposed to the types of business models applicable to food delivery businesses. You can rely on any of the models as per your financial stability.

Stage 4: App development

The app development stage is undoubtedly the most time-consuming stage. First of all, you need to shortlist an app development company, and after that, you must tell them your idea and get the quotation. Once all these are completed, the actual phase of development will commence, which will be followed by testing and finalization of the project.

You can pare down the lengthy process by investing in the UberEats clone (a ready-made software). So, the UberEat clone app development will be effective for your business from every angle.

Online food delivery business and the income channels

  • Delivery charges – Usually, delivery charges will differ based on whether the user has availed of the membership plan or not.
  • Listing charges – Getting featured on a marketplace platform is important for restaurants to draw customers. If you choose the marketplace model, then you are likely to get revenue from listing the restaurants.
  • Ads – Of course, any online app will not miss out on featuring ads, which is a perfect source of revenue.

Final thoughts

I hope that this quick read on the food delivery business market has enlightened you to start your business soon. All the best!