What are the Best Inspirational Sports Movies of All Time?

Sports Movies

There are some best movies that inspire us to do more in life. The universal movies, inspire the viewers despite their love for sports or not. However, if you are a sports enthusiast, it helps more to understand the story dynamics deeply. Moreover, the best movies are the unpredictable ones. Sports movies tend to avoid that romantic plot and focus on the hero being despicable. There is a lot going on when you are watching such a movie. The adhering formula for the movies is that the hero is the predictable one and wins games for the team. Moreover, you can watch these movies on cable as well. Spectrum TV has an extensive channel lineup for you to watch the movie you want. They have a huge on-demand library as well. You can get access to the library through all the spectrum TV packages.

We have listed down the best inspirational sports movies that you watch on the weekend for Monday motivation!

Glory Road

This movie is about the Division I Basketball Tournament. Based on the true-life experience of the sports team that leads the 1966 NCAA Men’s team during the tournament. In the tournament, the Texas Western College was the winning team beating Kentucky for being the champions. The movie plays a vital role in eliminating discrimination among blacks and whites. However, the Texas Western was a team full of whites but the coach Don Haskins made a point by starting with the black players. It was a symbol of affection for the blacks and showed them solidarity through the game.

Friday Night Lights

The movie is about the high school boys who play football. Their coach was captivated by the high-intensity football culture in Texas. The movie is the true depiction of the 1980s. It also shows navigating the tough and crucial movements of life through sports. It is focused on the social-economic disparity in Texas. Moreover, the book is based on the novel Friday Night Lights: A Town, A-Team, and A Dream. It revolves around the High School season games in 1988. The movie and the book clearly depict the social dilemma of economic issues.

Bull Durham

The game is about two baseball players. One of them is veteran league players who play minor games. Crash Davis is going to train at the Durham Bulls to focus on the Nuke LaLoosh who is the hotspot rookie pitcher. There is a minor love triangle as Crash works with a seductive team supporter Annie. They both want Nuke to turn into one of the best League pitchers of Major leagues. When Nuke gets the chance to play the major leagues, Crash and Annie discover that they will no longer live in Durham.


The Blind Side

The movie is a biography of Michael Oher who is one of the best linemen for the team of Baltimore Ravens in the NFL games. Michael has a troubled youth as he was abandoned by his mother who is a drug addict. Later, Oher is adopted by the Tuohy Family one of the influential ones in town. However, after a lot of setbacks Leigh Anne finds a way to help Michael to achieve what he wants. Her potential and guidance give Michael a new and safe environment to grow.


We are Marshall

In a tragic turn of events, there was a horrific plane crash where West Virginia’s Marshall University lost all team. The students and the community members work hard to build the team through football programs. The team is new that is built from the scratch. They are full of passion and enthusiasm. The team has a very tough time during their first season. However, later they thrive hard to win their homecoming game.

Bend It Like Beckham

This movie is about two female footballers who go out of their way to play. Jess and Jules help their team to win a championship in London. They both had to face a lot of complexities. To overcome the gender biases and racial issues and resistance from jess family. She ends up on the day of the championship and helps the team win the cup. Both of them were offered soccer scholarships in America because of their spectacular performance to follow their dream.

Remember the Titans

The movie is set during the racial discrimination in Virginia during 1971. The racial clashes were high during that time as a school team finds it hard to make their identity because of the issues. It is based on true events as their coach who is an African American. He is able to unite the team to overcome the obstacles. The team faces a lot of criticism from their loved ones but in the end, they learn to let of the past.


This movie is about two brothers who are skillful fighters. They both face each other as they enter the world of professional martial arts. Tom is a winner but is not emotionally connected to his family. He fights the world to support the family of his friend and brother in the arm. On the other, Brendan is fighting to support his wife and kids. They both prove themselves to win the final of the highest-paying MMA tournament.

The Karate Kid

This movie is about a young Kid Daniel LaRusso who moves to a different country with his single mother. He studies in a school in Los Angeles. The movie highlights the important aspect of bullying. He is the victim of bullying and also for showing affection to a rich popular girl. The boy later develops a connection with his neighbor who is the master of Karate. However, in the end, Daniel triumphs through the advice of his teacher to win the tournament despite the old techniques and tactics.


This movie is one of the classic and most inspirational movies of all time. It revolves around a Philadelphia boxer who fights in the heavyweight championship. The movie is inspiring in every aspect. The world then recognizes him as the best of his time. It is the best movie of all time inspiring people to achieve what they want in life without worrying about obstacles.