3 Different Baby Blankets To Get For Your Newborn: A Detailed Guide

A baby peacefully sleeping in their crib is a sight all parents love to see. And to ensure their sleep is comfortable and uninterrupted, they would get all the necessary sleep. In a country like ours, where the weather is unpredictable and can make kids fall sick, it is crucial to safeguard the baby against sudden temperature changes and ensure they are comfortable while sleeping. Thus, baby blankets are something all parents of newborn babies look for. If you are looking to buy a baby blanket, this article will help you understand what to look for.

Benefits Of Using Baby Blankets

For decades, parents have given their babies the comfort and snug feeling of a baby blanket. Here are the benefits that babies and parents have from using a baby blanket during the newborn phase:

  • The snug feeling of a baby blanket replicated the warmth the baby felt inside the womb. Thus, they feel comfortable and sleep better.
  • Babies get startled in their sleep very often. This is because this reflex results in their sleep getting disturbed. Babies who sleep snug in a warm baby blanket or swaddle experience this less often, and even if they get up in their sleep, the warmth helps them fall back to sleep faster.
  • A night of uninterrupted sleep is also linked to babies’ better physical and brain development. Thus, indirectly baby blankets also contribute to the better development of your baby.
  • Besides the utility value, baby blankets also have an emotional and sentimental value for the parents and the baby. Kids love to look at their baby blankets as they grow up, and it is also an excellent keepsake for the parents to look back and remember the baby phase of their child.

Cautions For Using A Baby Blanket

Experts advise that once your baby starts to roll over, there is a chance that they might not have enough control to remove the blanket if it is covering their face or if they are tangled in it while rolling over. Thus, it is advised that to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), unsupervised baby blanket time should be avoided from the time your baby starts to roll over till they are a year old.

3 Different Baby Blankets To Get For Your Newborn

A million print choices are available in baby blankets online and at local baby accessories and apparel stores in your area. But it is not just about the prints. Different types of baby blankets can suit the diverse needs of your growing baby and their needs at different stages. This section will talk about those different baby blankets to get for your newborn.

Swaddle Blankets

You can start swaddling your baby in a wrap or a swaddling baby blanket from the very first day after their birth. A swaddle blanket can be used until your baby starts to roll over or even beyond if they are comfortable being wrapped chest below. A swaddle baby blanket is lightweight and helps your baby stay on its back while sleeping. Sleeping on the back is vital for your baby for their gut and to avoid chances of SIDS.

Swaddle baby blankets are also very versatile and can be used as a receiving blanket, a light summer blanket, a stroller cover or even a burp cloth. When your baby outgrows the swaddling age, it will still be of use for you.

Dohar Style Reversible Blankets

Dohar is a Hindi word which means two sheets stitched together. For example, a baby blanket with two or even more layers is called Dohar. There are multiple benefits of a Dohar-style baby blanket. First, as it has two sides, two adorable baby prints can be used interchangeably. This feature makes it reversible and gives you two options to use. Because of this unique feature, the extra layer makes Dohar a bit extra snug and warm for changing weather, cold evenings, or when travelling in an air-conditioned vehicle. Some Dohar-style baby blankets have a thick fabric filling layer for extreme winters. Most Dohar are generously sized; thus, babies can easily use them until 8 – 10 years old. A Dohar-style baby blanket is a must-have for your newborn baby.

Light Cotton Sheet Blanket

A lightweight cotton sheet baby blanket is similar to a swaddle wrap but more prominent in size than a swaddle wrap. It gives the lightweight comfort of a swaddle, but just like Dohar, it is generously sized and can be used for longer. It is an ideal blanket for summers or a wrap for windy outings.

If you have all three types of baby blankets mentioned above, you are sorted for all times of the day and all seasons for your newborn baby. But a blanket is not the only layer you should use for cold weather days. Make your baby wear extra layers in winter and control the room temperature so that your baby does not catch a cold frequently. Happy Parenting!