7 Interesting Ways to Stay Healthy & Fit While Travelling

With the warmer weather and more relaxed work schedules, you’re probably planning a vacation this summer. Whether you’re going on a beach trip, a camping trip in the woods, or a trip to Europe and beyond, you’ll most likely be away from home at some point this season. But just because you’re out of your routine doesn’t mean you have to abandon your healthy habits. It can be challenging to maintain fitness, healthy eating, and living while traveling, but it is possible, as many of the travelers below can attest. The key is to keep your intention in mind. If you don’t stay mindful, lapses in dedication to the cause, restaurant meals, overindulgence, and a lack of access to your standard equipment, facilities, and routines can lead to travel bloat and backsliding fitness.

However, there are countless ways to stay fit while traveling that do not involve going to the gym.

Going on vacation means taking a break, but don’t use that as an excuse to become a sack of potatoes!

You could take a break from your work and other obligations but focus on taking care of yourself and having a good time. Not exercising will only make it more difficult to re-establish a healthy routine when you return. Therefore, switching up your workout routine is essential for keeping it exciting and enjoyable.

You can quickly eat well and frequently exercise while chasing your wanderlust dreams with little planning and a dash of creativity. We’ve compiled a list of seven exciting tips for staying fit and healthy while traveling.


Keep active on your trip.

Traveling by car, train, or plane can force you to sit for long periods, which is terrible for your health. Wear your running shoes to make physical activity more accessible on your travel days.

If you know, there’ll be a long layover at an airport, see if there’s a gym there and pack your carry-on accordingly.

Instead of taking the lift, take advantage of the stairs to exercise.

Make it a point to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. Also, consider getting a Fitbit; it helps your motivation tremendously.

Get your workout in first thing in the morning.

When people are away, they may skip workouts because they do not want to sacrifice time. But, you don’t need much time to break a sweat—20 minutes will do wonders for getting your heart rate up and your muscles active. In addition, experts recommend working out first thing in the morning to avoid thinking about it later in the day. It’ll also give you a burst of energy to get your day started.

Maintain simplicity in your outdoor workouts.

Exercising when you’re away from home can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re visiting—but don’t overthink it. When you’re on vacation, it’s ideal for working on bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups. Stokes’ example program: Begin by jumping rope for three to five minutes. Then, perform a lower-body-focused bodyweight move, such as squats or lunges, followed by a more explosive move, such as a jump squat or plyometric lunge. Then, similar to mountain climbers, perform a core-centric exercise. Finally, finish the circuit with an upper-body bodyweight exercise, such as push-ups, and repeat three times.

Swap unhealthy snacks for granola or a protein bar.

Consume a granola bar or protein bar in the morning and between meals to keep your hunger monster at bay and your metabolism pumping. Homemade granola is both healthy and simple to make.

When you can, buy groceries instead of eating out.

Instead of always eating out at restaurants, buy groceries when you travel. Not only will it save you cash, but it will also keep you from overeating and help you stick to your healthy meal plan.

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Be Aware of What You’re Eating

Something that appears to be excellent and healthy may not always be so…but it is probably still good. Salads with cranberry dressing and Gorgonzola cheese, for example. Anyway. If you’re unsure, ask or do your research before going somewhere.


Exercising and eating well should relieve stress rather than add to it.

Relax if you’re stressed out and don’t feel like working out. Get a good night’s sleep, perhaps some yoga or stretching, and don’t sweat it (literally) until the next day.