How To Organise Your Outfits For a Holiday! 

Going on holiday is the best time of the year. Planning your outfits is part of the fun, but not being prepared for your holiday is the fastest way to fall into a last-minute panic. What you wear should be at the bottom of your priority list, but it is still normal to want to dress your best, as this can ultimately help you feel your best. Organising your outfits ahead of schedule means that you have one less thing to worry about. In this blog, we will discuss how you can avoid last-minute panic, and organise stunning outfits!

Plan your activities

First things first, planning activities for your holiday needs to be done before you decide what outfits you need to pack for your time spent there. If you are going away for a week but you are planning on spending your whole time on the beach, you need to plan to have swimwear for each day you are there, and perhaps a few spares to plan for the worst-case scenario. If you are hoping to do a different activity every day, make sure that these are planned into the schedule so you can plan outfits appropriately for each activity.

Check out your current summer wardrobe 

Your existing summer wardrobe will hold many items that you have been neglecting since your last holiday. Before you go out and spend a bomb on your new wardrobe, check out what you already have. Find some pieces that you can make updated, and then pair them with some of your new holiday pieces should you choose to invest in any.

Buy staple pieces that will last 

One of the best things you can do when investing in your holiday wardrobe is to buy staple pieces that will last you a while. These might be simple pieces such as dresses and denim shorts, but you should splash out on specific pieces that are made from amazing quality. You might treat yourself to designer pieces, but make sure they are quality pieces and not flashy pieces that are made from poor textiles.

Have interchangeable items 

Interchangeable items will be your lifesaver when you are organising your holiday outfits. Pieces that can be swapped with different tops and bottoms can completely change the design presence of your outfit. For example, you might bring a pair of designer shorts to look casual during the day with a breathable cotton T-shirt and dress it up in the evening with a corset top and some heels. These items are great and will help if you are looking to avoid disaster.

Be prepared with spares 

Packing for holidays can be a stressful time. More importantly, if your clothes somehow are ruined, damaged or stained whilst you are on holiday or in your luggage, you will be facing complications. You should always make sure that you bring spares for most items of clothing you bring. It would also be smart to keep each outfit in a waterproof zip bag to prepare for any liquid spillages.

Check out the local fashion 

Do not fret if you can not find the perfect outfits for the holiday. Sometimes the most beautiful fashion items are best found at the location you are going to. If you are looking for unique clothing you should spend some time checking out the stores and markets of the country or town you are visiting. There you will find fashionable pieces that you can not find in your town. If you are planning on bagging some bits on your holiday, make sure you leave enough room in your suitcase to bring pieces back!

Don’t stress

Overall, the last thing you should be doing with your holiday outfits is stressing about them. When you are over there, you will likely just want to have fun and create new memories. Whilst dressing in an outfit you love is a bonus, just make sure you go over there and have fun regardless!

Author Bio 

Hi! My name is Amy and I’m a freelance writer and journalism student. I love writing about beauty and festival outfit trends and travel. In my spare time, I enjoy reading mystery books with a cup of tea or planning my next travel destination or shopping trip.