7 Tips to Take Care of Your Baby While You’re Pregnant

Baby While You're Pregnant

When you plan to start a family and think about getting pregnant, you should know some things. Usually, many parents know about taking care of themselves and the baby, like not to smoke or be around people who are secondhand smokers and not drinking alcohol.

Even though parents know some basic stuff about keeping their baby healthy, sometimes the mother can have preeclampsia due to improper functions of the liver or kidney and high pressure of blood. Therefore, apt prenatal care like making small changes in your lifestyle and keeping in regular touch with your doctor during the pregnancy can help.

The chances of getting a healthy birth are much higher when you live through a healthy pregnancy. On that note, below are seven tips for taking care of your baby in your womb.

1. Take a Seat

As you have always been the one who looks after all the other family members, you need to make sure that you are being taken care of by your close ones and family members during your time of pregnancy. Ensure that you sit down whenever you have to and do not overwork yourself to avoid having swollen ankles. The varicose veins appear when the blood gets collected in the veins causing swelling and discomfort and can also get uncomfortable for you to move around.

You should put your feet up on a tool and get other members of your family to take care of you and bring you whatever you need anytime. The primary key is not to overwork yourself for the sake of other family members.

Take a Seat

2. Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy food is imperative for a pregnant woman as your baby needs all the nutrients from you to grow as a healthy and strong baby in the womb.

Eating plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grain, calcium-rich foods, and good with low saturated fat. Not fully cooked foods can put you and your baby at risk for food poisoning. Do not eat more than 2-3 servings of fish per week. Fishes like sharks, swordfish, king mackerel, or even tilefish have high mercury levels in them, which can do significant harm to your baby.

Have at least four servings of dairy every day, as that will give proper calcium for you and your baby. And make sure you do not drink unpasteurized milk or milk products as they may have some bacteria that can cause you and your baby some unwanted infections.

3.  Stay Active

Yes, taking a rest and taking a seat is essential, but anything too much is wrong with your health. Some low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, and little pregnancy yoga can be great for you and your baby. It can enhance your sleep quality, physical stamina and even help you prepare yourself for labor and birth.

When you exercise during your pregnancy, it helps lower your stress levels and gives you good hormones like endorphins that provide you with a happy emotional boost. Even a good amount of fresh air can help you blow away some cobwebs and can do some fantastic wonders for your mental wellbeing. Therefore, grab your coat and a pair of comfy shoes and head out to enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

Stay Active

4. Always Stay Hydrated

Eating healthy food is good and essential but staying hydrated is equally beneficial and necessary for a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman’s body needs a lot of water and liquids to keep both the child and herself hydrated.

If you are pregnant, your body would need more water than it did before. You should aim for eight or more cups of water every day to stay away from dehydration. Always keep drinking pure fruit juices and other cold homemade juices to keep yourself in an elevated mood.

5. Travel Smartly

If you are traveling away from your home, remember to take your pregnancy notes with you everywhere you go. Many places let their medical staff know about your entire antenatal and medical history to help you even need medical help. You can think of them as yours and your baby’s passport to the best possible pregnancy care during traveling.

While traveling, be sure to eat and drink cautiously everywhere and drink plenty of liquids for energy and hydration.

Travel Smartly

6. Be Prepared and Know Your Contact Numbers

Always keep your Pre-packed hospital bag ready earlier than necessary as it will minimize the peril of running around looking for things when you go under labor. Ensure that you have many nappies and maternity pads, and other newborn essentials that the doctor recommended before the market opens. It reduces the chances of running outside and making unnecessary stops before hospitals.

Also, be sure that you have all the important phone numbers on your hand, like phone numbers for your labor ward, birth center, doctors, and day assessment units. If you have booked for a home birth, then make sure that you know how to contact your doctor on call and have a plan B ready if you need it.

Ending Note

So, these are the seven tips that will help you take thorough care of your bundle of joy before birth. Maintaining them correctly will not make you face any issues or complications. But if you are not feeling good and have sudden severe headaches, or any other symptoms, do not delay. Call or visit your doctor as soon as possible.