Designer Tote Bags: The Most Versatile Choice on The Market

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The best thing about tote bags is how versatile they are designed to be. Beyond this, if you’re a bag lover, you don’t need a lot of space to store the tote bag, though totes seem to be a big bag, they aren’t usually highly structured, so you can store them flat, or fill them with other bags for even more space-saving. Then there’s the myriad of uses they have.

If you’re on the fence about buying a designer tote bag, and you’re wondering to yourself ‘will I really use this as much as I think?’ You’re on the right track. Cost per wear is one of the best ways to ensure you get a return on your tote investment. 

For example, you head to LV Australia, pick out a tote bag and then you realise you don’t know where and how to use your brand-new designer tote. Most likely in this situation, you’ll figure it out over time, but for the easy option, here’s how you can use your luxury tote bag to fully capitalise on the bag’s versatility.  

The Many Uses of a Luxury Tote Bag

Now that you know the tote bag is a versatile choice, here’s just how versatile it could be. 

Ready For a Time Away

If you’re heading away for a work meeting, holiday or just on a road trip, a tote can hold all your immediate essentials. This is not an exaggeration. You can pretty much fit your drink bottle, makeup bag, an extra cardigan, spare socks, your passport, travel documents and of course your wallet with this blush leather handbag. In fact, if you go for an oversized tote, you can pretty much fit everything you need for a weekend away. Then, after you unpack, you have a beach bag, a daily bag and even a go-to picnic bag. 

Carry Everything You Need to Work

Work life is busy. This is a fact of life. Sometimes you have to be prepared to commute to work, and then head to the gym right after, or maybe even go from the office to the work dinner and drinks event. No matter what it is you need to do at work, your tote bag will carry everything you need in one place. The common trend seen is putting your laptop, your lunch and your makeup bag in the tote bag alongside a small clutch so you can transition to night events if need be.

Ensure You Have All the Baby’s Things

All the mums and expectant mums out there know how many things a baby needs, not even a baby, a child. When you have a baby you need bottles, wipes, nappies, spare outfits, and snacks, the list is long. Then when you have a child you may need picture books, toys, snacks and more. If you want to carry the babies’ things in style, without compromising the space, you can go for a designer tote and know it will do the job. 

Don’t Carry Shopping Bags

If you notice the ladies who carry tote bags, you’ll realise they don’t carry a handful of bags to the market or the shopping centre, unless they have to. This is because most of the smaller items are in the tote bag. Take, for example, buying your weekly groceries. Everything lighter and smaller than a potato will likely be in the tote bag. This is great for people who can’t stand carrying hundreds of things in multiple bags.

Carry All Your Gym Needs

Going to the gym does not mean that you sacrifice style, at least not these days, where even casual gym goers look trendy in their activewear. If you find yourself feeling underdressed or just not confident at the gym, using your designer tote bag to haul your essentials to and from the gym is a great idea. You can carry a change of clothes, shower necessities, your headphones and your towels too.