How do I find a developer to develop an app for a small pharmacy?

In the age of digitalization, an app is the most popular choice to create an online presence. Companies and small businesses are now inclined toward the app to promote their business and to reach the maximum of people.

In this Pandemic time, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are also going digital mainaly pharmacy shops as it reduces manual work and repeated paperwork.

Now the question is how to create an app? Developing an app is not a job for a common man as it requires abundant knowledge about clean coding, design skill, product management skill, and much more.

So, therefore, you need a qualified person or say app development company who is an expert in this area.

But how do you find one?

It’s okay if you are new to this app thing because in this guide I am going to cover each and every step on how you can find a developer to develop an app for your small pharmacy.

What are the things that you should keep in mind before approaching an app developer?

  1. Make sure you are clear about what you want in your app, give specific details to the developer

The purpose is very important, and a basic requirement when you approach someone for application development. Give specific details and tell your clear aim, what you want to offer through this app to your customer.

Since, a mobile app developer is a technical guy, who has to write code and logic for the app, that’s why it’s important that you give every specific detail to the developer about your requirements.

For example,

Give clear instructions to your developer whether you want to develop for your independent business or a single app including multiple Pharmacy shops.

For example,

Apollo Pharmacy is an individual app, whereas Rite aid is a marketplace where you can find multiple pharmacy shops in one place.

  1. Be clear with your budget and timing

App development is a lengthy process, it can’t be built overnight. You have to be agile and prepared with your budget before you propose a developer for an app. It might happen where the developer comes up with a huge bill to the client which goes out of the budget.

So, to avoid such a situation, it should be better to discuss the budget and time with the developer so that it is beneficial to you as well as to the app developer.

  1. Tell what to include, not how to include

The one whom you are going to approach are subject matter experts, therefore it’s useless if you guide them about database structure and tell them how the search system should work. Inform that about your imagination of the app as to how it should look like, what mandatory thing it should have etc.

You may suggest the features that you want in your app, if the developer has such skill, they can provide you with the same.

Make a proposal to an app developer or company that has some pharmacy industry experience

Since you are approaching developers for your pharmacy shop, it would be great if the developer has some experience in the pharmacy industry. Otherwise, it gets difficult to communicate your subject as the developer has no idea about the pharmaceutical industry. And therefore, you have to explain the basics which is going to be hectic and time-consuming.

There are many factors that come under pharmacy apps, medicine ordering, consulting a doctor, access prescription, and much more. So, if the app developer has relatable knowledge about your niche, or had developed a pharmacy app before, then it would be easy for you to explain your business needs.

Who to Choose, a freelance developer or Developer company?

However, there are advantages and disadvantages in both the platforms, but as per the application owners, they suggest choosing an app developer company is a smart decision as it is more professional and understands your business needs.

Let’s discuss in-depth, and know what are the advantages and disadvantages of freelance developers and developer companies.

Advantages of Freelancer

  • Working with freelancing, you can be flexible and can do better communication
  • There is no middle man, therefore, direct communication with the developer makes the process easy.
  • You can ask for changes multiple times ( but you have to build up a positive relationship with the developer)

Disadvantage of Freelancer

  • They are unreliable, unpredictable as they are independent of their work. So you can’t fully rely on freelancers.
  • They are not experts in every development field, you might have to outsource for other expertise

Why should you choose a developer company?

Since it’s a company, all work is done by the professional so there is less chance of mismanagement.

The company follows a standard procedure including strategy, analysis and planning, design, testing, and at last app deployment. Therefore, you do not have to hire someone externally for any of the app development processes.

Development companies are good with negotiating schedules and they know what specific questions to ask when your description is not clear enough. Also, companies have additional support teams if things go wrong with the app development process.

One disadvantage in a development company is that you can’t communicate directly with the artist and the programmer( the person who is actually working on your app). You have to interact mostly with the project manager or the art director who might not understand your demand and business needs.

Where can you find your app developer?

  • Upwork

Upwork is the marketplace where you can find a huge number of talented people for different fields such as development and IT, design, sales and marketing, writing, finance and accounting, and many others.

You can choose your niche, that is development and IT, browse the project there and read case-study and then you may select your developers by seeing the developer’s profile.

  • Toptal

Toptal provides talented artists and professionals for any technology stack or company. You can find talented developers from this platform. What you have to do is, select your industry, schedule your call to Toptal and propose your business idea.

  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder

The most popular and prominent platform where you can connect with some amazing talent. But for that, you should have your Linkedin profile that allows you to find the pharmacy app development expertise and other relatable talents on the platform.

LinkedIn provides an integrated messaging system from where you may contact the people who have the skills that you are looking for.

Another best feature Linkedin has come up with is, LinkedIn Profinder, mainly created for businesses that are looking for freelancers to work for them. You can filter by different specialties and find the best fit for your work.