7 Tips To Use Adult Diapers For Elderly People

Adult Diapers

Do you know the demand for diapers in adults has increased in recent years? If you think only the elderly use diapers, then it’s a misconception. Many people use it discreetly to get protection from leakage. Incontinence can affect as a result of age, pregnancy, or any other medical condition. Hence, wearing a diaper or absorbent undergarment can avoid the embarrassment caused due to urine incontinence. Wearing a diaper will help you feel secure about going outside the house and enjoy the freedom. With the lifting of the stigma associated with such diapers in adults, the use will increase. Many manufacturers of incontinence products have a huge expectation in the potential growth due to the increased need for diapers for adults in the coming years.

What Are Adult Diapers?

An adult diaper or nappy can prevent embarrassment caused due to uncontrollable bladder or bowel movements. Adults of all ages can use the diaper to address the incontinence problem effectively. People suffering from incontinence usually keep it a secret from their family members. Incontinence is a personal topic that causes physiological problems in affected people. They can address the problem with the tab-style or pull-up diapers.

Tips To Use Adult Nappies

In older adults, incontinence occurs due to the weakening of pelvic muscles and the urinary bladder. Men and women of advanced age feel the wrath of this problem. It can confuse and embarrass them. Using the diaper can help them address the issue. Here are some tips for using it effectively without any issues.

1.  Find The Right Brand

Find the right brand for your requirement. Highly absorbent ones may last for a more extended period and require changing less frequently. But, less absorbent ones need frequent changes. If you stay out a lot, then high-absorbent adult diapers will suit you fine. For people who stay at home, the less absorbent ones will suffice.

2. Choose The Right Size

Choose The Right Size

Before using the diapers, you need to make sure they fit you correctly. Wearing too small can make you uncomfortable as it can cut off blood flow. It may also lead to overflow. Choosing a diaper too big can result in the urine leaking out the sides. So, you need to find the perfect size. The most accurate and straightforward method to find the right size is to measure. You need to measure the middle of the hip bone in the front to the adjacent hip bone’s middle and double it. You must match this measurement to the waist size to find the perfect fit. With little patience and using the trial-and-error method, you can find the ideal fitting diaper.

3.  Never Wear Diaper For Long

Wearing a wet or soiled diaper for a long can lead to rashes and infections. The damp diaper starts rubbing against the skin and causes irritation. Hence, never wear a diaper for long. Change them after one to two hours or when you feel uncomfortable to avoid skin peeling or other problems. Also, before putting on the new diaper, use disinfectant wipes to clean the area.

4. Maintain Caution With Fluids

Some people think that reducing their intake of water will lower urine levels. Hence, they can wear diapers for a longer time. But, reducing the intake of water can only make you dehydrated. But, you need to maintain caution while choosing other fluids such as aerated drinks, coffee, and tea. They are diuretics increasing your need to urinate more.

5.  Never Substitute Diaper With Other Products

Never Substitute Diaper With Other Products

Thinking you can substitute diapers with other products such as sanitary napkins can only lead to accidents. While sanitary napkins can absorb, the design, size, and method of absorption differ. Diapers cover the complete underwear area, whereas sanitary napkins focus on the center of the underwear to ensure concentrated absorption. Also, you have to choose the diaper based on the urination frequency. At night, the need to urinate increases compared to the daytime. Hence, you need to select a large diaper with more absorbent power to sleep without disturbance.

6.  Keep Stock Of The Diapers

You need to keep a stock of diapers at home or while traveling. You may never know when diapers can run out and need a fresh one. While going on a trip, you need to carry diapers for adults to cover for the trip. These diapers are not available easily, especially in smaller towns.

7. Never Flush The Diaper Down The Toilet

Never Flush The Diaper Down

If you are using diapers, never flush them down the toilet after use. Diapers do not dissolve as they have material that expands after coming in contact with water. Never think flushing down one diaper is an option to dispose of them. It will clog the toilet or the toilet line as it gets caught in the turns and bends of the system. Ultimately, it causes the sewer to back up into your house. To avoid such an unpleasant scenario, always dispose of the diapers as instructed.


Many people feel embarrassed to use adult nappies. But, the stigma attached to it will disappear when everyone realizes that diapers have become a necessity to improve quality of life. It is similar to opting for spectacles to improve vision. Use diapers after making some modifications to suit you better. It will help you achieve the freedom to complete anything your heart desires.