Rice Water for Hair – How to Use and Its Benefits in 2021

Detangles Hair

Who on the earth hasn’t been fascinated with the Disney character Rapunzel in their childhood. I was totally hooked by the incredible story of Rapunzel and her long, luscious, strong, and beautiful hair. Getting long hair like her probably seems to be impossible. But rice water for hair can make it possible for you to get luscious, strong, and beautiful hair as long as you want it to be.

Rice water has been used for centuries in Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan. The use of rice water for long and beautiful hair was invented in a village named Huang Luo in the Heian period. Every woman in that village has 6 feet long shiny and beautiful hair. The secret of Huang Luo’s village’s gorgeous hair didn’t lie in their genes, diet, and environment but in the leftover rice water they religiously use for their hair.

Rice water is made of rice scratch that we usually throw after cooking rice unaware of the fact that what magical ingredients it contains for our hair. I’m sure once you become aware of how beneficial rice water can be to your hair, soon it will be the secret of your healthy, luscious hair. If dandruff is constantly annoying you. why don’t you learn how to use apple cider vinegar for hair and vanish it completely.

So let me get you acquainted with the amazing benefits of rice water for longer, stronger, and more nourished hair that ancient Asian women possessed.

Fabulous Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

Fabulous Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

Rice water is loaded with incredibly beneficial ingredients like vitamin B, E, fiber, minerals, and amino acid. That restores immense nourishment in the hair, improves hair elasticity, and makes them remarkably soft, glossy, and shiny. This is indeed outstanding hair food that gives you hair exceptional nutrients. Let me tell you what benefits rice water has to offer for beloved hair.

1.  Promotes Hair Growth

Have you been trying to get long hair and haven’t got the desired results yet?  Well, you don’t have to wait for long, It’s time to take a rice water challenge for hair growth. Your chance to win the challenge is definite because rice water has got what it takes to make your hair longer, stronger, and lustrous. It is infused with an amino acid that helps to rekindle the hair regeneration process that helps to improve the quality of the hair as well as hair growth.

Promotes Hair Growth

2. Detangles Hair

Unmanageable hair brings frustration and obviously looks lifeless and fizzy. Tangles are a sign of unhealthy hair cuticles which need to be fed with the nutrients to revive their softness and shine. You don’t really need to use multiple hair products for it because rice water already has vitamin B, E, and essential minerals that are required to make your hair strands glossy and strong.

Detangles Hair

3. Healthy Scalp

All the hair problems start from the roots. If hair gets damaged because of environmental factors a healthy scalp can get them recovered fast. But if the scalp is inflamed with dandruff or some allergies. It will no longer be able to supply the optimal nutrients to your hair strands and makes them fragile gradually. But you can stop it from happening by rinsing your hair with incredible rice water.

Healthy Scalp

4. Strengthen the Hair Strands

The starch is contained in rice water enriched with inositol, a remarkable element that coats hair strands and improves hair elasticity as well as makes them glossy, strong, and silky. If you are experiencing hair breakage and intensive hair fall problems you can reinforce your hair revitalization process by following rice water with the best hair fall shampoo in india.

Strengthen the Hair Strands

5. Boost Softness and Shine

Amino acid and vital minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins restore the hair with immense moisturization, nourishment and improve hair damage which makes your hair stronger from inside and soft, shiny and glossy from outside. If you use rice water regularly at least twice or once a week you would be amazed to see the difference between before and after using rice water.

Now you know what are the staggering benefits rice water can yield for your hair. It’s time to learn about how to prepare rice water and use it to get the hair of your dreams.

Boost Softness and Shine

How to Make Rice Water for Hair

Rice water works as the best natural conditioner for hair. It revitalizes the hair improvement process and makes it thick, glossy, and healthy. The process of making rice water is as easy as pie. There are 3 ways to make rice water. You can choose whichever works best for you.

Soaked Rice Water: If you are looking for the quickest way to make rice water this one for you. Follow these simple steps to make it.

  1. Take 1 cup of rice in a bowl.
  2. Rinse it thoroughly with water.
  3. Add 3-4 cups of water into the bowl.
  4. Leave it for 1 hour.
  5. Strain it in another bowl or in a jug.

Boiled Rice Water: Another quickest way to make your rice water. If you are to cook rice and don’t want to make rice water separately for your hair. You can always proceed with this method. Follow these quick steps to get your magical rice water.

  1. Take ½ bowl of rice in a pot.
  2. Add 2 bowls of water to it.
  3. Heat it up until rice is cooked.
  4. Strained it in a different bowl.
  5. Let it be cool.
  6. You are ready to use boiled rice water when it gets cool.

Fragmented Rice Water: This technique takes time but is considered to be the most beneficial for hair. When you leave soaked rice water for 2 days it becomes fragmented and the amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids increases which provide expositional benefits to your hair.

You have just learned how to prepare rice water and the difference between the fragmented and soaked rice water. It is on you to choose the method which works best for you. Now it’s time to learn the best way to use rice water for hair.

How to Use Rice Water for Hair

Which one do you prefer the most: rinse conditioner or leave-in conditioner? Well, whatever your preference is you can use rice water that way and follow the instructions to use it.

Rinse Conditioner: This method you can use after shampooing your hair. You just need to apply rice water to your wet hair and leave it for 10 minutes and rinse your hair with normal or cool water. You can use this method every time you wash your hair.

Leave-In Conditioner: If you want to use rice water as a leave-in conditioner you need to store prepared rice water in a spray bottle. And you can just spray it on your hair right after shampooing. But it would be better if your hair would be half dry when you use it as a leave-in conditioner.

In this article, you have learned everything you need to know about rice water, its uses, and its benefits. I hope you enjoyed reading the article and delighted to know the exceptional way to get the hair of your dreams. So use it and share your experience with us in the comments. We would love you to hear about your amazing experience with miraculous rice water.