7 Essential Items to Have on a Long Flight

If you’re preparing to take a trip, chances are you’ve made a list of all the items you need to pack. Once you’ve filled your suitcase with the items you need for your trip, there are a few items you’ll want to make sure you have access to while you’re on your flight. Here are seven essential items you’ll want to have on hand during your travels.

1. Reusable Water Bottle and Snacks

When you’re on a long flight, it’s easy to become dehydrated. This is hazardous to your health and can cause issues like dry, flay skin and increase your chances of jet lag. When you’re dehydrated, your immune system is weaker, which means you’re more likely to get sick while traveling. That’s why it’s important to have a reusable water bottle that is easy to store. Reusable water bottles can save you money since you can refill the bottle instead of buying a new one every time you want a drink of water. You can fill your bottle at the hydration stations throughout the airport, but make sure the bottle is empty before you go through the security line.

2. Snacks

The snacks you choose for your flight can nourish your body and determine your physical reaction when traveling long distances. Try not to pack any foods that are too high in sodium or sugar since they can lead to inflammation. Try snacks like fresh or dried fruits or vegetables, trail mix, or cheese and crackers. You should also pack some gum to freshen your breath after snacking. Chewing gum can also the pressure in your ears when the plane takes off and lands.

3. Mini-Toiletry Bag

You’ll likely have a bag of toiletries in your luggage or your carry-on, but you need a collection of travel-size toiletries for a long flight. Make sure you have a mist spray to keep your skin moisturized. Don’t forget a small bottle of shea butter, coconut oil, or lotion to hydrate your face and hands as well. You should also have a travel-size bottle of dry shampoo, deodorant, a disposable toothbrush, and hand sanitizer. These items will help you freshen up during your trip, especially if you’re going to a meeting or get-together as soon as you get off your flight. Don’t forget to take any of your prescription medications and include them in your toiletry bag as well so you’ll feel your best when you land.

4. Compression Gear

When you’re taking a flight, wearing compression gear can improve your circulation and make it easier for your body to adjust to the air pressure changes that come with flying. Compression leggings or socks are vital when you’re taking a long flight and can help you avoid serious health issues. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes with your compression socks and bring a pair of foldable slippers if you want to take your shoes off on the plane.

5. Headphones and a Hotspot

You’ll need your headphones if you’re taking a long flight so you can listen to your favorite music or watch movies. You can get free headphones on the plane but these are usually uncomfortable after you wear them for a couple of hours. Comfortable, noise-blocking headphones are the best choice for a long flight since they’ll allow you to binge-watch your favorite shows and get some much-need rest while you fly. You’ll also need a portable hotspot to make sure you have an internet connection throughout your entire flight, especially if you’re taking meetings or completing projects while you fly.

6. A Large Scarf

Wear a large scarf that can double as a blanket when you’re on the plane. You’ll have to remove it during your security check but you’ll be glad you have something to keep you warm during your flight. You may also want to take an extra change of clothes if you’re taking a red-eye and can’t check into your hotel right away.

7. Sleep Aid

It can be difficult to fall asleep on the plane, so bring along your favorite brand of melatonin or a lavender pillow to help soothe your body and make it easier to get some rest during your flight. You can also bring along a facial spray that includes invigorating oils like bergamot so you’ll feel refreshed when you get off the plane.

These are just a few of the necessary items that will make a long flight more comfortable for you. It’s important to keep your health in mind while you travel, and these items can help to calm your mind and body while ensuring that you feel your best once you arrive at your destination.