Here’s Why You Need A Beard Brush In Your Routine


If you have a beard, then chances are you have a well-thought-out beard care routine that you’ve created.

But a lot of people consider beard care to be just oils and pomades, which isn’t the way to go. To really make sure that your beard grows well and healthy, you have to do more than just apply products. A really important step that many people tend to miss out on is using a beard brush.

In this article, we’re telling you about beard brushes and why you need to give them the space they deserve in your beard routine.

What Is a Beard Brush?

As the name already suggests, a beard brush is a flat brush tool that helps keep your beard looking neat, clean, and healthy.

They’re made of strong, hard bristles that are either natural or synthetically made, on a handle inset. Beard brushes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and they can either be of wood or plastic.

If you are considering buying a beard brush, then we would highly recommend that you try out the Kent Military Style Beard Brush, which has a small, compact size and strong bristles that feel great on your skin and hair.

Why Use A Beard Brush?

Now you might be wondering what might even be the benefits of using a beard brush. Well, here’s what can happen.

  1. Beard brushes are great for distributing sebum and natural oils, present in your skin, all over your beard. This is good because it ensures that your hair remains well-conditioned and moisturized, and gets the better of your body’s natural oils. On top of that, they also help move collected sebum and oils on your pores around, which otherwise would cause irritation and pore blockage and lead to acne.
  2. They also keep your beard tamed and in shape. One of the things that can ruin the beauty of your beard is flyaways, which can make it look shaggy and unkempt. This risk increases during windy days, or humid days. It allows you to shape your beard well, and it also keeps your beard hair safe from damage, which isn’t always the case with normal hair brushes which tend to tear the beard hair out.
  3. Beard brushes also help distribute products throughout the beard well. If you use oils and serums, then using a beard brush can help ensure that the products are well-distributed throughout your beard, and every strand of hair and every hair follicle Is well-coated. Just running your product through your beard doesn’t always ensure that product reaches every nook and cranny, which beard brushes definitely do.
  4. Another great thing about beard brushes is that they stimulate blood flow, and essentially deliver a massage to your face, which ensures that your beard receives the blood and oxygen it requires, and grows healthily.

How To Use A Beard Brush?

Using a beard brush is really simple, and straightforward and consists of only a couple of steps.

  1. The first step is to apply some type of product, either an oil or pomade of sorts, to your beard. This is an optional step, and it is entirely up to you whether you’d prefer to apply something or not.
  2. The next and main step is to take the beard brush and run them through your beard, from the hair follicles to the tip of your beard. It is important to ensure that it massages and rubs your skin, and combs through the beard properly.

Brush your beard a couple of times daily, although you could do it more, depending on whether you have the time. You can even use them on the go or at work since beard brushes are small and easily portable.