8 Tips for glowing skin for Karwa Chauth

glowing skin

The festive season has just started and pampering the skin is a must to look ravishing amidst festivities. Imagine the natural radiance on your face and the sheen of your skin through some easy routine tips. Specifically, you would not miss a chance to flaunt flawless beauty on Karwa Chauth, so, let’s dive in a bit deeper to uncover the skincare tips for this special day. Before we discuss the important points of relevance related to natural beauty, you must remember that a dietician in Gurgaon will make a huge transformation in appreciably restoring your glow. Hence, it is imperative that skin pampering deserves a healthy diet plan too along with the skincare routine.

  • Basics of skin care for festive season

Exfoliation, cleansing, and nourishment of the skin are the key elements of skincare. But, eating superfoods or including the healthy stuff in the diet can make a big-time difference in eliminating the dead skin or impurities from the skin. In a short period, you can experience the magical transformation of the Karwa Chauth celebration. Keeping skin hydrated is yet another way of staying fresh throughout the day. You can simply splash the rose water on your face and carrying it will become handy if you transfer it into the spray bottle. Alternatively, if you have purchased a spray bottle of rose water, it will be convenient to use it anytime, anywhere.

  • Regular face wash and cleansing for spot-free skin

The underlying skin impurities need to be removed through a deep cleansing effect and washing the face. You just need to use a skin-friendly and paraben-free face wash to prevent side effects. In addition, using a hydrating face wash will be an ideal option to serve the purpose of cleansing and skin hydration. To accelerate the effect, active ingredients like strawberry, aloe vera, and peach can be checked for while buying the face wash.

  • Block the impact of the sun through SPF cream

The UV rays can damage your skin as a result of prolonged exposure to the Sun. The dryness of the skin and sagging texture of the skin can also be dealt with by using a moderated quantity of SPF 30 sunscreen cream. While going out for festivities, the sunscreen cream can be applied for maximum protection.

  • Vitamin A-enriched foods for glowing skin

For glowing skin, foods enriched with the goodness of Vitamin A prove to be wonderful sources! Be it the proper intake of spinach, carrots, yogurt, or animal protein, adding these foods to the diet can be a miraculous treat to the skin. Moreover, the dietician in Gurgaon focuses on the importance of eating when it comes to attaining clean, nourished, and glowing skin. It also implies that skin food is filled with active ingredients available in natural fruits & veggies that can improve the texture of the skin. Undoubtedly, it will be significant to add turmeric to the diet while mixing it with black pepper or healthy fats to experience positive results in the overall skin tone and fabulous looks!

  • Things you should avoid for the sake of healthy skin

From refined sugar, fried foods, smoking, irregular sleep patterns, alcohol, and crash dieting to smoking, some of these unhealthy habits can affect your skin. On the contrary, when your goal is to attain the limelight during the festive season, then, these aforementioned habits should be avoided. Apart from losing the vitality of your skin, these habits can influence the normal functioning of your body, if not avoided promptly.

  • Using a hydrating moisturizer is another practice to adopt

The hydrated and plump skin can be gained through the moderated use of skin-friendly moisturizer. To prevent clogging of pores, you must choose a lightweight and non-comedogenic moisturizer.

  • Vitamin-C serum for brightened & spotless beauty

Being a powerful antioxidant source, Vitamin C helps brighten the skin. Hence, with the help of Vitamin-C serum, you can witness the reduction of dark spots and glowing and healthy skin. Most of all, the stabilized and sufficient quality of Vitamin-C content serum should be purchased.

  • Adequate sleep for fresh & healthy skin

Apart from maintaining the dietary balance, it is advisable to get adequate sleep to regain the radiance of your skin. In addition, lack of sleep can be caused due to multiple lifestyle or health disorders. But, if you switch to a healthy diet and focus on the other balancing forces of your lifestyle, then, sufficient sleep will be regained. As a result, the naturally glowing & beautiful skin will be noticed!

In a nutshell, follow the above steps and if possible switch to some diet-based transformation mission to experience the unmatched beauty & remarkable texture of your skin.