How Office Floor Mats Can Help Your Workspace Remain Clean

People spend eight hours of their day at the office. Some people spend less time at the office while some work longer than eight hours a day. Nonetheless, we can agree that an average of eight hours daily is half the time we spend awake every day. When people spend all this time working, they are expected to be productive and efficient. Office decor and cleanliness affect employee satisfaction and productivity. One of the ways to keep your office clean, both indoor and outdoor is to use appropriate office floor mats. With this in mind, we’ll go through available office floor mats to achieve an impeccable work environment.


They protect the area with a lot of foot traffic

Every office building has areas with a lot of foot traffic. Hallways, common areas, entrances and exits are the most impact areas. People come and go constantly at any time of the day so you should protect these areas with a suitable floor mat. But, before you decide on the right floor mat you need to consider two factors. These factors are safety and anti-fatigue properties. If you want something safe, can absorb dust and moderate levels of moisture, go for a carpet runner mat. These are easy to clean and can be used as a sign to guide foot traffic and create a visual pathway.

When it comes to comfort levels, make sure to choose a mat with anti-fatigue properties. Walking around all day on a hard surface can be tiring and uncomfortable, so choose mats that have a cushioning effect. These mats also absorb sound so it’s also a great feature to look for.


They keep the office floor clean and your employees safe

Another great reason to equip your entire office with floor mats is to keep your employees safe. When you choose an office for your business, you’re trying to get the best value for your money. This means that you’re trying to find the perfect location, a space that is large enough, practical and in line with your budget. So, if your perfect office space is just what you’ve imagined but the floors are slippery, you won’t disregard it because of it. Instead, you’ll find a solution for slippery floors. Office mats reinforced with rubber so they won’t slip can keep your employee safe and turn your slippery floors into a safe haven. These office mats can also trap dirt, lock in moisture, are very durable and easy to clean.


Outdoor mats capture moisture and dirt

An outdoor mat is your first barrier against dirt, moisture, mud and other stuff that increases the chance of having dirty floors. Not only is this a bad first impression on anyone entering your office, but it’s also a danger waiting to happen. Floors are slippery when wet, so they become a risk even if just a few people went and left a few wet footprints. The best way to avoid this, keep your office clean and safe is to place durable outdoor mats in front of your office entrance and right inside the entrance. You can put a scraper outdoor mat in front of the office so that people can scrape the dirt off their shoes. Whereas, you can choose a high absorbent reinforced rubber mat right after the entrance so that any visitor or employee can further dry their feet. By putting a scraper mat in front and a high absorbent mat inside the entrance, you’ll ensure there are two barriers against dirt and keep your office floors dirt and moisture-free.


Office floor mats will upgrade hygiene and cleanliness levels

When you have a lot of employees in one place, you have to take all measures to ensure optimal levels of cleanliness. Especially if there’s a lot of foot traffic involved, if the weather is rainy or snowy, dirt and other substances will be brought inside. The only way to avoid completely is to have a cleaning person on standby at all times. Since this is neither necessary nor profitable, you can keep all areas dirt free by covering the foot areas with floor mats. Most of the commercially available floor mats are known to trap as much as 80% of dirt or other substances brought inside. Their unique structure captures dirt particles to keep your floors clean. Of course, this is just a temporary measure until the cleaning crew comes and vacuums the entire area.


A clean office equals productive employees

The correlation between productivity and cleanliness levels at the office is obvious because a tidy, neat and clean office speaks a lot about the business. Your goal is to make your employees feel safe, healthy and motivated. Keeping your offices clean and comfortable is one way to achieve such a goal. It has been reported that more than $200 billion is spent on annual sick leave. We can assume that this number is even higher due to the current pandemic. Thus, keeping your office clean and germ-free can support the overall health of your employees. There are floor mats with antibacterial properties, which collect bacteria off of shoes. By now, we’re all familiar with disinfectant mats which are used everywhere. You can poor disinfectant liquid over them and help fight the spread of viruses and other harmful germs. In addition to this, if you design your offices for wellbeing and maintain cleanliness at a high level, employees will be less stressed and equally productive.


Office floor mats will reduce your cleaning costs

If dirt, mud, dust, moisture and other stuff are spread around the office, your cleaning costs will be higher. This is because your cleaning crew will spend more time cleaning office floors every day. And these are not the only area that requires regular maintenance. That’s why you should invest in a floor mat that is suitable for every area and that will help your cleaners and allow them to focus on other areas as well.


We’ve outlined six reasons why you should consider office floor mats for your business. If you haven’t recognised their benefits yet, we hope you’ll change your mind. Floor mats will keep your floors cleaner, safer and more comfortable than just a bare floor.