Choosing the Right Permanent Makeup Pigments for Brows

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Microblading is a popular technique for enhancing eyebrows and achieving a natural-looking, long-lasting result. One crucial aspect of microblading is choosing the right pigment colour, especially considering the diverse range of skin tones. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to choose the right microblading pigments for different skin tones and brow styles.

Understanding Skin Tones and Undertones

The first step in choosing the right microblading pigment is to understand your client’s skin tone and undertone. Skin tones can vary significantly, ranging from fair to deep, and can have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Undertones are the subtle hues that influence the overall appearance of the skin, such as yellow, pink, blue, or olive.

To determine your client’s skin tone and undertone, you can use the Fitzpatrick Scale, which is a widely used system that classifies skin types based on their response to sun exposure. You can also use a colour wheel or colour spectrum to compare the client’s skin colour with different shades of colours and see which ones complement or contrast their skin.

Matching Pigments with Skin Tones and Hair Colours

Once you have identified your client’s skin tone and undertone, you can use a colour chart to match them with the appropriate microblading pigments. A colour chart is a tool that shows the different shades of pigments and how they correspond to different skin tones and hair colours. For example, you can use the Organic Permanent Makeup’s colour chart, which uses the Fitzpatrick scale to match client skin tones with organic microblading pigments.

As a general rule, you should choose a pigment that matches your client’s natural hair colour as closely as possible and that complements their skin tone and undertone. For instance, individuals with lighter hair and skin may benefit from softer and more subtle pigments, while those with darker hair and skin can handle richer and bolder shades. You should also consider your client’s personal preference and desired look, whether they want a more natural or dramatic brow.

Customizing Pigments for Different Brow Styles

Another factor that can affect your choice of microblading pigment is the brow style that your client wants. There are different types of brow styles, such as natural, arched, straight, or feathered, and each one can require a different amount and intensity of pigment. For example, a natural brow style may require a lighter and more blended pigment, while a feathered brow style may require a darker and more defined pigment.

To customize the pigments for different brow styles, you can use different techniques, such as mixing, diluting, or layering pigments. Mixing pigments can help you create a custom shade that suits your client’s features and preferences. Diluting pigments can help you reduce the intensity and saturation of the colour, making it more natural and subtle. Layering pigments can help you create depth and dimension, making the brows more realistic and defined.

Testing and Adjusting the Pigments

Before proceeding with the microblading procedure, it is essential to test the pigments on your client’s skin. This will help you determine if the pigments match your client’s skin tone and hair colour and if they provide the desired result. You can perform a patch test by applying a small amount of pigment on the client’s forehead or behind the ear and observing how it heals and fades over time.

You may also need to adjust the pigments during the procedure depending on how they react to the skin and the healing process. For example, if the pigment is too light, you may need to add more pigment to achieve the desired result on the following appointment. If the pigment is too dark, you may need to dilute it or use a lighter shade to achieve a natural-looking result. You should always be flexible and willing to adjust the pigments to ensure that your client is satisfied with the outcome.

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Choosing the right microblading pigments for every skin tone and brow style is a crucial skill for any microblading artist. By understanding the different factors that influence pigment selection, such as skin tone, undertone, hair colour, personal preference, and brow style, you can create stunning brows that your clients will love. Using products from a reputableed company is your key to success. So, remember to always use high-quality pigments that are specifically formulated for microblading and to test and adjust the pigments as needed. With these tips, you can master the art of choosing the right microblading pigments for every skin tone and brow style.