Effectiveness of PRP Injections for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a significant problem all over the globe, and people are using different ways to cure it. One of them is PRP hair treatment. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough study proving its efficiency, but it has been used since the 1980s. And so in this article, we will go through some points that will help you know its efficiency to its approx.

What is the Effectiveness of PRP treatment?

PRP hair treatment is a 3-step process. In this process, a person’s blood is brought, processed, and inoculated into the scalp. It is a time-consuming process as completing the process requires 4-6 weeks apart. In addition, it involves maintenance treatment every 4-6 months.

Let’s look at the three steps and see what is done in this treatment.


In this process, your blood is taken from your body, or you can say from your arms with the help of an injection. It is then put in a centrifuge. It is a machine that spins regularly to separate different densities of fluids.


After 10 minutes, you will find that the blood present in the centrifuge has been divided into three parts.

  • Platelet-Rich plasma
  • Platelet-Poor plasma
  • Red blood cells


Then in the last step, the platelet with rich plasma is ready to be injected into your scalp that needs more hair growth.

It is not yet clear under which possibilities and conditions a person can take this therapy.

PRP treatment side effects

It’s a process of injecting your blood into your scalp, so there are no chances of you suffering from an infectious disease.

But you may suffer from some of the side effects like-

  1. Infection
  2. Calcification at the injecting points
  3. Scar tissues
  4. Blood vessel injury
  5. Injury to your nerves
  6. The adverse reaction of anesthetic

Before the doctor starts your treatment, let them know about your tolerance to anesthetics.


Ensure that you have reported every medicine you take and medical treatments you have undergone to the doctor when you go for consultation of the treatment.

You may be rejected for the PRP hair treatment if you are determined with-

  1. Low platelet
  2. Chronic skin disease
  3. Cancer
  4. Systemic disorder
  5. Thyroid
  6. Sepsis
  7. Hypofibrinogenemia
  8. Chronic infection
  9. Cancer
  10. Chronic liver disease

If you drink too much alcohol, are a heavy smoker, or have thin blood, consult your doctor before the treatment.

Cost of PRP hair treatment

It is not a very lengthy process but also not a simple one. It takes roughly 4-6 weeks to complete the whole treatment. It also requires maintenance every 4-6 months.

Pricing of the treatment depends on many factors like-

  1.  Geographical location- Your geographical location plays a vital role in the price. For example- You are looking ahead to the PRP treatment in palm desert. Now the cost will depend on the cost of equipment and the market of that area.
  2. Quality of equipment- The price will increase or decrease according to the quality of equipment you choose. The better you choose, the higher you have to pay.

You can expect the price to be near some $1500-$3500 for the whole treatment. So the cost of one injection can be near $400.


Many people believe that PRP hair treatment is not the best solution for hair loss. At the same time, others say that it is a safe and effective way of reversing hair loss. But there are many different ways, treatments, and tricks that you can use and apply for your hair issues. If you have serious problems, don’t do anything on your own because that is risky and may worsen your condition. Instead, consult your doctor and see what suits you the best and safest way for your hair type.

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