Clean Building Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Properties

Has the latest Marie Kondo craze stimulated you to tidy up your home? The KonMari approach may be carried out to the homes you manipulate as nicely with the aid of eliminating unresolved violations and open packages tied to the property – commercial janitorial services

Here are critical motives to smooth up your constructing:

Ensure open violations do now no longer cause fines.

Did you already know that a failure to reply to violations can bring about civil penalties? If your home has terrific violations, this unsightly observe may display up on your home: VIOLATION FOR FAILURE TO CERTIFY CORRECTION OF CLASS 1 VIOLATION EXISTS ON THIS PROPERTY – DOB CIVIL PENALTIES DUE

Ensure destiny tenants aren’t restricted in how they are able to construct preceding tenant spaces.

This one occurs all too often. One tenant leaves an area without remaining open packages; suddenly, objects consisting of Place of Assembly and Fire Suppression packages emerge as troubles that require movement earlier than the construction can re-hire the area. Ensure your tenants near all open packages—mainly any objects associated with the Certificate of Occupancy—to permit for a smoother transition to a brand new tenant.

Avoid capability delays in destiny creation projects.

Similar to above, open packages—in particular Alteration Type 1 (ALT 1) filings—can save you destiny tenants from submitting and well allowing their new construct-outs. Make everyone`s lifestyles simpler with the aid of making sure the ones packages are closed out

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Create a secure environment for your tenants and clients.

This one is self-explanatory. Keep your constructing secure and freed from violations to make sure everyone’s safety (and much less felony drama).

1) Obtain a Final Certificate of Occupancy.

One of the maximum critical motives for retaining a construct freed from violations and open packages is to steady the Final Certificate of Occupancy, which files the felony use and/or occupancy of a construction.