Simple Home Projects You Can Complete in One Weekend

Have you ever had a weekend where you wished you could spice up your house somehow but were at a loss for ideas? Or maybe you’ve compiled a list of all the changes you’d want to make to your home, but it’s so daunting that you’re at a loss for where to begin? To that end, I’ve developed a list of five simple weekend tasks that may inspire you to enhance your house or provide some direction for you to begin crossing items off your to-do list. Seriously, these DIY ideas are pretty simple and reasonably priced.

Fresh Paint

Many of us have an extra can or two of paint lying around; why not put them to good use? Consider repainting your front door or an internal door in a contrasting hue for a dramatic effect. You’ll be amazed at the impact a newly painted door makes.

Additionally, you may use a leftover gallon of paint to update an older piece of furniture or finally paint that accent wall you’ve been contemplating for a long time. Just as many individuals experiment with hair color while they’re trapped at home, this is an excellent opportunity to make bold paint choices—and, since you won’t be entertaining for a while, you’ll have plenty of time to determine if you like them.

Specific do-it-yourself tasks entail physical effort, but this may be an excellent form of fitness for individuals. It may be more enjoyable than going to the gym, and you’ll end up with a completed product that you developed entirely on your own. Consider the amount of sweat you’ll generate when taking out your home’s floorboards or even repainting a whole room.

Work with Tiles

While it may seem simple, tiling a bathroom or kitchen is normally a do-it-yourself undertaking reserved for the most adventurous home renovators. The measuring, the cutting of ceramic or stone, and the laying of tile and grout are jobs with a mile-long supply list and a mile-long list of tasks. Do not be intimidated if this is something you want to try. Start with a small feat like your bathroom sink backsplash or the floor if you have a small bathroom. There are plenty of youtube videos that can guide you through this process.

Participating in a do-it-yourself project may provide a feeling of fulfillment and joy. Completing a DIY project may make you feel successful and satisfied with your efforts and devotion while also providing you with something to enjoy. A 2016 research discovered that individuals engaged in creative activities, such as do-it-yourself projects, increased mood and enjoyment.

Maintain the Condition of Your Home

We should be doing some house maintenance jobs regularly but are often put off. We’re looking at you, dry wood furniture needing conditioning and re-seasoned cast iron skillets. If you’re looking for solutions to alleviate quarantine boredom, doing some of the must-dos listed below will help. You can regrout your bathroom tiles to give it a cleaner and newer feel.

When you begin working on your tasks around the house, you get a new perspective on your surroundings. You like stepping into the bathroom each night to witness your efforts. You can check and improve the condition of the door thresholds, handles, and hinges.

Do-It-Yourself Backyard Seating

Backyards may be rather difficult to enhance, and the prospect of even attempting can be quite scary. However, some guidelines walk you through the process of building a basic garden bench. It’s incredibly adorable and can be completed in a single weekend!

You’ll save money by doing tasks yourself rather than hiring someone else. Additionally, you’ll be able to include personal touches that pros often avoid. You will save money on labor by assembling things yourself, but you’ll also get a feeling of pride and achievement.

Start your garden

Interest in raising our food has increased significantly during quarantine. You may establish your home garden regardless of whether you have a vast backyard or a sunny windowsill.

Diving headfirst into a do-it-yourself project might give you a chance to pick up a new skill and hone your thinking. Since DIY projects need you to use your hands, you’ll be able to pick up new skills and ways of assembling items. This may also assist you with future initiatives, and you may even be able to teach others how to apply those talents. If you discover that you love the pastime, you might develop it into a pleasant hobby or sell your work.


I hope you find something useful on this list for improving your house. Weekend crafts are an excellent way to pass the time. I always feel incredible after finishing even the simplest crafts, and these basic project ideas are ideal since they are doable by everybody!