How to Create Fashionable Athleisure Styled Outfits  

Athleisure clothing has been a dominant force for several years now and will only continue to increase in popularity. When a pair of leggings is favored over a pair of jeans, then, you know that the athleisure market is doing something right and having an impact on the style of people of all ages. The wonderful aspect of athleisurewear is the amazing, fashionable outfits you can put together. Our shopping pros have some fab recommendations.

Relaxed And Chic

Let’s be honest; athleisure pieces aren’t just for the gym anymore. You can create some attractive ensembles and add some sports pieces to your casual look.

For example, the best high waisted leggings are an excellent foundation or base for any relaxed and chic style. Talk about fashion versatility, this garment wins hands down.

You can pair them with a long button-down shirt for a Zoom call. You could also wear your leggings under a stylish coat as you head out shopping.

You can also dress your leggings up for the office under a long top and blazer or even under a dress. As long as your behind is fully covered, you’re good to go.

Function And Fashion

It’s all about an effortless and cool vibe when it comes to your favorite athleisure garments, and our shopping experts recommend building a modern, stylish wardrobe with a balance of “function and fashion.”

Did you know that the athleisurewear industry is expected to rake in some $232 billion in global sales by 2024? Now, that’s impressive while almost 25% of all global apparel purchases are made in activewear.

Sneakers feature both function and fashion, and a classic pair of trainers in white can go just about anywhere today. They look appealing with yoga pants, shorts, maxi dresses, skirts, jeans, and more. In the same way the latest faith based apparel are very popular these days. You must give it a try.

You can pair leather and denim, sports fabrics, Christian tattoo clothing, trendy Christian apparel, and don’t forget those gorgeous accessories such as a nice piece of jewelry or a pair of timeless aviator sunglasses. Don’t get rid of your signature style. Just redefine your look.

Celebs And Activewear

Another quick way to create fashionable athleisure-styled ensembles is to zero in on your favorite stars. Even they enjoy a relaxed and chic vibe. They aren’t draped in fancy designer gowns 24/7. In fact, celebrities have helped put the athleisure trend on the market, too. Let’s face it. We all desire comfortable clothing that offers you tons of options.

Let’s look at one of Hollywood’s mega-stars, Jennifer Lopez. We are used to seeing her gracing the red carpet in luxurious clothing, but she also has savvy, street style and loves putting on athleisure outfits.

One of Jennifer’s signature looks is a form-fitting crop top, high-rise leggings, and her favorite all-white, platform sneakers and her signature hoops.

She has also worn a white, oversized top and played with the shape by pulling it off of one shoulder. Over the top, she had on a long, ivory cardigan and a pair of dressy, striped pants.

Model Gisele Bundchen likes wearing athleisure ensembles in sneakers, leggings and long-sleeved tees as she’s out shopping, doing yoga or relaxing in her home. She epitomizes the minimalist style, and it works well for her. Even the jewelry pieces Gisele chooses with her athleisure style are dainty, tiny and delicate.

Gigi Hadid is often seen as one of the best-dressed models, and she likes to mix activewear with dressier pieces. For instance, Gigi paired a black turtleneck bodysuit with athletic pants and strappy-heeled sandals in streetwear for one look that was applauded for being fashion-forward.

Reality TV’s biggest star Kim Kardashian has also branched into the activewear market with her SKIMS shapewear brand. She understands how comfy women want to feel and has had much success selling her “loungewear” pieces that are soft, cuddly athleisure designs.

When it comes to personal style, we all have our favorite pieces, and the athleisure trend continues to enhance the fashion landscape. By adding these garments to your wardrobe, you can build ensembles that have both fit and function and feature comfort and style. Buy a few activewear staples and try pairing them with your classic pieces. You may be surprised at the versatility you create.