7 Healthy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism in 2022

Metabolism rates vary depending on age, sex, body fats, and genetics. However, you can still control your metabolic process, and here are seven healthy ways to boost your metabolism in 2022.

Get Enough Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for healthy living. When you get little sleep, you increase the risk of heart diseases, hinder brain functioning due to exhaustion, and increase insulin resistance. To prevent all these, you need to get at least seven hours of quality sleep.

Getting enough sleep will increase your metabolism, balance appetite regulation hormone, and regulate sugar processing. Additionally, lack of enough sleep puts you at risk of obesity. It can result from low metabolism and increased ghrelin hormone, which makes you feel hungry all time.

Drink Enough Water

For proper body functioning, you need to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water keeps you healthy by increasing your metabolism and helping you cut more calories. When you want to lose weight, it would be best to drink more water and cut out the sugary drinks.

Primarily, sugary drinks contain calories, and when you drink water instead, you reduce caloric intake, making it easy to lose weight. Studies show that taking 1.5 liters of water every day speeds up your metabolism and also helps you reduce calories intake by making you eat less.


Exercising is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism. It would help incorporate different workout routines, starting with low-intensity workouts and advancing to high-intensity activities. You can begin by skipping ropes, running, swimming, and sprinting, as you move to heavy weight lifting. The exercises will increase your metabolic rate and help you cut more calories.

Strength training that helps in building body muscles results in long-term metabolism boosting. Muscles have a high metabolic rate compared to fats, and when you exercise more, you increase muscle mass.

Reduce Stress

When stressed, your body produces more hormones, including the cortisol hormone that initiates fight-or-flight mode, making your body pause other bodily functions by lowering metabolism. Also, when stressed, you tend to have low physical activity and insufficient sleep, and they both lower your metabolism.

To increase metabolism, you need to reduce stress. There are various ways to reduce stress, including speaking to friends and relatives, talking to your therapist, maintaining a physical exercise routine, and guided meditation.

Drink Green Tea

Studies show that drinking green tea increases metabolism and helps in weight loss. Green tea helps to convert the stored fats into free fatty acids, thus increasing the burning of fats. When you drink green tea, it will help you lose weight and help maintain a healthy weight.

Instead of taking sugary juices, you can take green teas as an alternative, and it will keep you hydrated and increase your metabolism. Other than green tea, other supplements help in boosting metabolism, which include NMN powder.

Eat at Regular Times

Having your meals at regular times will help your body boost metabolism. The body relies on regularity to function correctly. Always have mealtimes, and eat a specific amount of food. When you eat a lot at one meal to skip the next meal, your metabolism may be slower, and your body will end up storing more fats.

When you eat regularly and make it consistent, your body’s metabolic rate increases and your body will store fewer fats in the cells. Technically, it would help if you ate your meals 3 to 4 hours apart.

Be Active During the Day

If you work in an office, you spend most of your time there, and when you get home, you are too tired and want to sleep. If you spend your day sitting on your office chair and not engaging in any physical activities, you will have a slow metabolism. It would be best to take small breaks and engage in physical activities.

You can take a short walk during lunch break or do some sit-ups or push-ups to make your body active. Doing this will boost your metabolism and increase your concentration at work.


Metabolism describes the chemical reactions in your body to keep the body active and functioning. When your body has a high metabolic rate, it will burn more calories, and it becomes easy for you to maintain a healthy weight.