How to Dress For a Formal Event

Invitation to a formal event can make you anxious while deciding what to wear. Most formal invitations have a particular dress code assigned for the event and this is exactly what bothers. Buying a new dress every time is not an option. Firstly, it’s a lot of expense in your pocket to buy a new ball gown or a floor-length dress every time you get invited to an event. Secondly, what are you going to do with so many dresses otherwise?

To solve such a problem, you first need to understand the requirements of the particular event. Do research on the venue and the type of event you are invited to. You must have a clear sense of styling for such events based on their degree of formality.

Get a core knowledge of formal event classification. Formal events can be named as white tie affairs, black-tie affairs, business events, outdoor formal events, semi-formal events and cocktails. Each one of these events requires a different set of clothing. As you get a detailed understanding of these events, you may need some additional tips to get dressed perfectly for these events.

Pro tip: Go for a rental rather than buying a new dress unless you already need to buy one.

1. Remember Your LBD:

As we discussed, formal events are classified based on the occasion. So, whenever in doubt, take out your favourite little black dress. No worries, whatever the occasion be, your little dress is going to save you. Black suits every formal event. You won’t even need to wear anything extra or overdo your hair or makeup, Your LBD is the soul of personality. You are anyway going to get noticed. So relax and walk in with confidence.

2. Understanding Appropriate Attire Terms:

Formal events can be a life-changing opportunity for you. For example, while attending a business event, your appearance and the way you carry yourself with confidence can bring you centre stage. Therefore, it’s important to understand the exact necessity of the event you are invited to. Fashion may not have any specific rules, it gives you all the freedom to express yourself via experimenting; but when it comes to formal events, dressing appropriately is the utmost priority. You must choose the attire that balances the trending fashion and sophistication at the same time.

3. Overdress to Impress:

When you are not clear about the event dress code, make sure you wear the best dress from your closet. It’s better to overdress as you won’t like to get sidelined at the event. People are gonna notice you for the good things of course. Imagine entering the venue with women donning in elegance and style and you are the only one undressed. You didn’t even like the idea of it. Right? So make sure you are dressed to impress everyone out there. Moreover, these events are more of a show-off than being comfortable.

4. Make a Statement with Jewellery:

Jewellery has the power to transform your entire look with little changes. Your jewellery choice reveals a lot about your personal style. Keep an eye out for classic, timeless things. Of course, having some modern chic jewellery is necessary, but adding some elegant gold dainty jewellery to your attire will give you an edge in the styling game.

Invest in unique pieces which make you stand out in the crowd. Your little pendant to your bracelet, anything can work as statement jewellery if it holds a sole belonging with you only. Vintage brooches, cocktail rings, signet rings, engraved pendants, and antique necklaces are some of the options for your statement jewellery. Make sure these accessories suit your body and face type.

5. Keep it Classy with Mid-Length Dresses:

Floor-length dresses, Ball Gowns, and monochrome silhouettes are indeed breathtaking staples for formal events. But for a change, you can choose your bold mid-length dresses too. These dresses include knee-length dress shirts, floral print chic dresses, off shoulder dresses and chambray dresses. These dresses will certainly suit your outdoor formal events or cocktail parties. These dresses are best suited for formal parties with your colleagues or close friends from your workplace. Avoid ultra plunging necklines and you can wear these dresses around your boss too. Just keep the prints and colour of the dresses formal like beige, coffee, and greys.

6.  Be Confident:

Always remember, wherever you go or whatever you are dealing with, confidence is the only way to own what you truly crave for. For instance, a gown worth a million dollars can’t add a spark to your personality unless you are confident. So make sure whenever you enter that big hall packed with people, you carry a big confident smile on your face. This is the only X factor that’s gonna take you ahead in life.