Visual Effects- The Future of the Cinema Industry

Technology has always played a crucial role in the cinema industry; different visual effects or special effects used for ages in cinema making are undoubtedly the boons of technology. Today, the entertainment blockbusters that we see; are filled with visual effect eruptions; you can show in the movies various imaginations of the writer with the help of visual effect processes. Admittedly, it has become the most demanded product in the film sector with studios having vast investment in it; hence it can be said without any doubt; that visual effects are the future of the cinema industry. So, if you belong to the same industry and are looking for visual effect services, the Visual Effect Company in Singapore will amaze you with their quality services.

What are Visual Effects (VFX)?

Visual effects or VFX is all about creating and manipulating images with the aid of a computer and combining them into live-action scenes. These effects are not real, but they are a feast for our eyes; the shots that are incapable of capturing in live-action are manipulated and combined to bring the visual effects into existence. The well-experienced and efficient artists of the Visual Effect Company in Singapore use different visual effect techniques to make your shots look realistic. Here are some Visual Effect techniques commonly used in movies:

  1. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

One of the most commonly used visual effects is CGI. These computer-produced images can be both in 2D or 3D, but generally, it is a 3D VFX. The artists here make different 3D models of fictitious things that are digitized afterward.

  1. Composting

When several visual images merge into one, it is known as composting. This type of visual effect technique is also known as Chroma keying, filmed using a green or blue screen that the compositing artists later remove with another image in the post-production with the help of composting software. The skillful artists of Visual Effects Compositing in Singapore merge diverse images in a way that you will feel they occur naturally that way!

  1. Rotoscoping

Rotoscoping is another way of composting where a pen tool outlines to separate an object from an image. The composting artists of Visual Effects Compositing in Singapore are masters in varieties of VFX tasks giving you a smooth sailing post-production experience.

  1. Motion Capture

Motion capture is a technology utilized to mix live-action with CGI visual effects. This technology captures the actor’s movements and digitizes those into computer graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are Visual Effects important?

Visual Effects are vital because live actions have different restrictions.

  1. Are Visual Effects and Special Effects the same?

No, Special Effects are visual effects done while shooting the movie on the set.

  1. Does Visual Effects include animation?

No, Visual effects do not include animation. It is a combination of computer-generated images and raw live-action footage.


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