The 7 Commandments for a Perfect Cocooning day

We just want to sit between four white walls on these grey and cold days. This is therefore the best moment to look after yourself. It’s cocooning time; here are seven original ideas for the warmth of your living room to enjoy a whole day.

Take out the Fashion in you

Put on your big grey woolen gloves, your cozy jogging or leggings, your warmest hoodie, or even your larger sharpening hoodies, yeah, we would like to take it even in! The purpose is to maintain your wet, Fashion with as many layers as possible

Get a hot drink for yourself

You have the right during this time to make “mate” herbal tea and to drink it all day long. Let the cuisine be wild and whip the golden latte, matcha latte, fiery chai, or multi-furnished hot chocolate and add a little bailey. Anyway, on a cocooning day, it is not allowed to take your car.

Watch three movies in sequence or a complete slice of an entertainment marathon

If you’re more of a movie buff and want a mix of feelings, begin by inspiring the best drama in your head, then take your hearts out before the romantic film and end with Adam Sandler’s comedy. So the noisy laughs. If you’re more of an addict to entertainment, consider snapping and finishing it the next day. I’m putting you into a challenge! It could only be a ministry or even a documentary series.

Popcorn from the theatre directly

Are you aware that popcorn can be delivered at the actual home theatre? You do a popcorn scan by the UberEats app, if you’ve got luck and you’re searching for a movie theatre, you are done! Otherwise, I recommend that you add thyme, dill, cayenne, or even basil to the original homemade popcorn. You should add cinnamon, powdered sugar, chocolate, or caramel to the Himalayan salt if you have a sweet tooth.

Calm your house and enlighten

Take out your crystals, turn on your humidifier, and light up your flavored candles. Now is the perfect moment for the energy of your home to change and refresh. Reinforce your rooms and chase negative waves with Palo Santo, the South American ancient wood that brings unity and calm. For a genuine healing ceremony, smoke incense or sage.

Take an Epsom salt hot bath

Relax in a warm bath with essential oils like lavender oils, which tend to relax, or eucalyptus oils to get the smells of the spa. Add all this to Epsom salt, reducing inflammation in the muscles, eliminating dead skin, and hydrating the skin.

Take a retrospect session and end your day

Analyze your day by noting your physical and emotional status findings. At the start of your day, it’s also interesting to remember your state of mind before starting the cocooning session. In this way, you can see the variations between the beginning and the end of the session.