Helpful Tips for Those Traveling With a Dog

Travel dog

Go on a holiday, but is no one left with your animal at all? Or can’t you ever remember that you’re apart from your pet? So then nothing remains but going with the dog for a ride. And to make life as simple and carefree as possible, these helpful ideas are certainly useful.

First Tips

When going for a puppy, the first and most important thing to do is to discover the rules for importing an animal. Every state has its own legislation on this subject, as there are no universal international regulations for importing dogs. Fighting dogs somewhere are not permitted, puppies somewhere are not allowed. Everyone has their own peculiarities in general.

In order to prevent an unwelcome disappointment for you and your pet on your arrival, we recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate to give you official information about this. And don’t forget to check the rules for bringing a pet of the chosen airline before purchasing airline tickets.

Second Step

Second, an international veterinary passport is equally necessary. The dog simply cannot reach the country without it. The passport includes all the details required in English on the animal and its owner. Details on vaccines are the most important aspect of the text. Both dog vaccines must be completed no later than a month before travel and do not forget to provide separate parasite medications.

An international passport is issued for animals as easily as for humans, but don’t delay it until the last minute. To keep your dog running peacefully and safely, we advise that you do not feed the pet 10 hours prior to the journey, without causing any trouble to you or your fellow travelers.

Another significant aspect that can be completed before travel is to carry out chipping, although it would not harm in theory to do so soon after a dog is a purchase. The treatment is simple and harmless and implants a chip under the skin of the animal containing all of the dog’s records. And the dog is missing, due to the unique identifying number kept in the international animal database, and is likely to discover it dramatically increases. If you are not trusting contemporary trends, a “medallion-address” is at least on your collar with the name, telephone number, and address of the owner, preferably in English or the language in which you speak are going.

Third Step

Fill out the addresses and the numbers of nearby veterinarian hospitals or the contacts of good doctors in advance before leaving for another country or area. Traveling is an intrinsically uncertain activity and, moreover, with a puppy, so it is needless to have that detail.

If you have chosen to carry your dog for your ride, so brace yourself to take another backpack. Yes, while an animal needs no lot of equipment, gadgets, and separate makeup, there is always enough to fly with.

The minimal package is as follows: suits (if cold); leash; water-proof bowl; bags of dry and well-known food (as an animal cannot respond directly to the food), external and inner protective measures; muzzle: brush for long-haired dogs; sleeping room: (if not provided by the hotel).

Fourth step

Oh, by the way, about the hotel – do not forget to talk about animals before booking. This is true for both costly apartments and a cheap hostel. This is critical.

In both cases, when booking, do not hesitate to mention when you check in with a dog when the hotel data indicates that pets are allowed. Such “surprises” can also become problems in seeking new housing.

There are some relevant aspects to be addressed if you ride by car:

  • Buy a dog car seat to keep you and your pet healthy. The dog is safe and nobody can distract you, moving about the cabin chaotically.
  • Don’t let the dog pin his head out of the window so the eyes and ears of the animal don’t get annoyed.
  • Make stops every 2-3 hours so that your pet can fulfill the criteria promptly and “stretch its paws”
  • A further important law for maintaining clean your room: don’t feed your dog 7-8 hours before the ride.
  • More specifically, in the summer, do not leave the canine in a locked car below the sun – the dog will take the heatstroke that’s strongest.

Many of us may not even suspect it, but the system for animal leisure has been evolving in recent years no less vigorously. Therefore, there are more and more cafes, bars, hotels, parks, and even animal spas in the world every year, including puppies.

Do not hesitate to scout if anything like this happens in the area you are going to visit before you leave. Organize your most trustworthy friend’s vacation.

So that a long drive would not turn your dog into stress, take his favorite stuff with you – toys, bones, favorite covers or pillows, usual therapies. All these small things build the animal’s environment and at the same time minimize all interactions and fears, especially if the animal has to spend a great deal of time on its own.