6 Key Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Many forms of exercise are suitable for seniors. Yet, yoga is the favourite of many of them. If you are, by any chance, still hesitating because you think yoga may not be that beneficial for seniors, read this article to know about the key benefits of yoga that make seniors live most happily and healthily.

Yoga’s major advantages for seniors

Several studies have suggested that yoga for older adults is one of the best forms of exercise. Yoga helps seniors lose weight, and it is one of the exercises that can wake up your body and brain. With regular practice and a proper class, seniors can boost their strength, agility, flexibility and mood. Some of the benefits of yoga for seniors include.

The following are six key benefits of yoga for seniors.

Strengthening your bones

Yoga exercises are commonly suggested to seniors who have trouble tolerating achy joints. Doing yoga can help older adults have healthier bones, which is only one of the benefits of this exercise.

Moreover, yoga is considered an excellent way to improve or even prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where our bones become weaker and weaker until they can be easily fractured and injured. So, if there is an exercise that can help you prevent this disease, you should certainly give it a try.

Reducing your anxiety

The concept of yoga is typically associated with calmness and relaxation. So it is no surprise that doing yoga can help you reduce your anxiety. Some particular styles of yoga, like restorative or yin yoga, are especially helpful when you feel pressured.

Stress is harmful to anyone at any age. But it is only natural for seniors to be more sensitive to it. A stress-free life is practically a life without illness. So the next time you have a stressful day, start a yoga session and let the art of yoga show its magic.

Lowering your blood pressure

As a senior, you need to check and control your vital signs regularly. It is the best way to prevent unpredicted health problems. Blood pressure is one of these vital signs. But if you realize your blood pressure is higher than the average level, you should consider this popular exercise. Doing yoga helps you decrease the risk of heart attacks or any other problem or illness that might cause trouble because of high blood pressure.

Enhancing your balance

You can train yourself to improve your balance by doing particular yoga poses. Most of the yoga poses are about stretching your body and staying in a pose for a considerable amount of time, which is why it likely improves your sense of balance. Seniors need to gain stability because a lack of balance increases the chance of falling, which tends to be more dangerous for seniors. Injuries from falling are probably the most common ones among seniors. So you see how yoga can save you the trouble of accidentally hurting yourself in many cases.

Increasing your flexibility

Another way yoga can help you improve your mobility is by giving you a more flexible body. Many poses and exercises in yoga can help you if you feel stiff or some movements are difficult for you.

Flexibility is important for seniors. For instance, you need to have enough flexibility to reach your feet with your arms. Or else, actions like tying your shoes will be hard for you. You might feel pain in your muscles if you push yourself to stretch that far.

Yoga usually involves a lot of stretching, so over time, it can help you increase your flexibility, hence having better control over your body and movements.

Making breathing easier for you

A person’s respiratory capacity normally decreases as they age. As a result, seniors often have difficulty breathing and may even experience breath disorders. When breathing becomes difficult for you, your whole life is affected. You feel low in spirits, cold weather begins to bother you, and physical activities get harder and harder for you.

Yoga includes many exercises based on deep breathing. Deep breathing helps you send more oxygen to your body, therefore improving your overall health. After all, what can be more important than breathing properly for a person?


Yoga can help you take care of your physical and mental health in all these ways. But do not forget that there is more to yoga. Alongside the six mentioned benefits, there are many other reasons why you should do yoga as a senior. We only mentioned these benefits because we believe these are the most significant advantages of yoga for older adults. Notice that you can only see these positive effects of yoga if you develop a regular exercise habit. No change happens overnight. And when it comes to health, the most vital gift a person owns, patience is always worth it.