The 10 Best Wholesale Electronics Distributors List in 2021

The present modern life cannot be imagined without the use of electronic devices. Be it a television, a fan, an air conditioner, or a mobile phone, technological advancements in the field of electronics are ruling the world. The demand for wholesale iphone has increased like never before. Here are the best wholesale electronic distributors.

There are many wholesale distributors of electronics out there, but only a few of them actually deserve to be on this list. Some of these distributors offer everything from phones and cases to chargers and cables and others offer great products like tablets and home theater systems. These companies will be able to meet anyone’s needs for wholesale electronics as long as they make sure they can handle the volume. Without further ado, here is our list:

  1. NewAmDirect

NewAmDirect is a US-based wholesale distributor that specializes in tablets, mobile phones, and accessories. They are one of the most well known distributors for cell phone cases.

  1. Alibaba

At this point, most people know about e-commerce company Alibaba, but did you know they started off as a wholesale distributor? They’ve gone on to do so much more than just electronics now, but we’re still going to count it for this one. Just like NewAm Direct, Alibaba is so big it needs no introduction.

  1. TechData

Tech Data has managed to become one of the biggest distributors in the world without letting its roots as a startup slip away-a rare thing nowadays with all these mergers and acquisitions that keep happening. They offer many different services too, which gives them an edge over a lot of the competition. This year is going to be a big one for them as they expand even further into retail channels.

  1. Solid State Group

As the wholesale distributor name implies, Solid State Group specializes in electronics-specifically components. They are not well know because everything has to come through tech brokers first before it arrives there, which slows down the process. Once it gets there, though, you might be surprised at how quickly they’re able to get what you ordered out to the end user and ready for retail (which is their ultimate goal).

  1. SYNNEX Corporation

Synnex Corporation is a company that’s made it big in many different industries-healthcare technology, technology products and services, and life sciences to name a few. Electronics is pretty low on the totem pole for them which isn’t why they’re on this list. They are able to provide warehousing services, distribution, and delivery which is what makes them worth mentioning.

  1. EAC-Electronics for Automation and Control

This company is a distributor of power and control devices-nothing complex, but things like batteries and fuses. They do offer other non-electronic related products as well such as tools and safety equipment, which allows them to be more versatile than some of the others on this list.

  1. MSC Industrial Direct Company (MSC)

This is another old-timer on the list. They’ve been around for more than 50 years and they offer many different products to accommodate your warehousing needs, including storage cabinets, workbenches, and carts. If you want to stock someone’s warehouse with shelves or racks of some kind for all their electronic components, MSC Industrial Direct Company is a great place to go.

  1. Opto 22

This company has been around for over 40 years and they offer many different services, including product design and manufacturing from start to finish. They also take care of warehousing and distribution too, so if you want a one stop shop, this is it!

  1. Plant Equipment Group

This distributor is for people who want to buy and sell used equipment. You can find all kinds of stuff here, from forklifts and aerial work platforms, to pallet jacks and generators. They even offer hot tub rentals! This company has a lot going on so you might just want to bookmark this one if you need something you haven’t thought of yet.

  1. Avnet, Inc.

This last one is also a big name in the world of technology-and they should be because they offer so much more than just electronics! They provide full lifecycle services that range from design to manufacturing, quality control, and delivery. Like SYNNEX Corporation, Avnet is rapidly expanding their presence in the retail market.