Painting In The Interior: A Reflection Of The Soul In An Element Of Decor

A harmonious interior consists of many elements: pieces of furniture, decoration, decor. Pictures are not the last place in design. Even the smallest canvas can breathe new life into a room. Painters Sarasota FL will discuss what kind of paintings are and how to choose “the one”.

The value of the picture in the interior 

Many people perceive paintings only as an element of decor. In fact, canvases have many more functions:

  • Reflection of the owner’s inner world.
  • Placement of accents.
  • The ability to improve mental attitude.

With the help of canvases with images, you can transform the most modest interior. It is not necessary to hang original works of art on the wall. Tastefully selected canvases of interesting topics are enough.

The painting is the finishing touch to the design. The trend to decorate walls with canvases appeared several centuries ago. The subject matter and semantic content of the images changed, but the main task of the products remained the same.

How to choose a painting to suit your interior style: designer tips?

There is no such style of interior, in which it would be impossible to fit a picture. The key to a successful composition is the right choice of a product. The main parameters are the content and colors of the canvases.

The plot content of the picture

The semantic content of the canvas should correspond not only to the style but also to the purpose of the room. A certain theme is characteristic for different rooms.

For example, natural motifs, floral still lifes, modular paintings with images of a colorful sunset, shining stars, or mysterious love stories will look great in the bedroom.

When choosing a painting for your living room, you will come across a lot of variety. Canvases of any theme can be placed in this room.

It is better to “settle” images of fairy-tale characters or animals in the nursery. If your child is fond of science fiction, you can look for a drawing in this direction.

The kitchen is ideally complemented by images of mouth-watering dishes, vegetables, fruits, coffee beans, spices. Posters with foreign inscriptions look interesting.

For hallways, abstraction and geometry are good. Such drawings attract attention and make you distract after a hard day at work.

Color spectrum

To avoid stylistic dissonance, the picture should be combined with the main colors of the design. You can choose different shades from the same spectrum or introduce contrasting tones that are in harmony with the base.

Even multi-color images have an accent tone. It is on him that you should focus on trying to transform the interior.

Advice! Another option is also possible – you select the interior design for a specific canvas. If the picture is unframed, focus on the main color of the composition – the image should not completely merge with the surface. The frame, on the other hand, can be the same tone as the wall tone.

Types of wall paintings

The word “painting” immediately presents a pictorial product in a heavy frame. However, the list of options is much broader. Interior Painting Sarasota FL talk about the most popular types of products.


The second name of such canvases is segmental. Products consist of several parts, united by one theme. The standard number of elements is two, three or five. However, there are paintings of four and six modules on sale.

Items are not framed. The viewer should have the illusion that the canvas flows from one story to another.

Modular décor visually enhances the space. Feel free to use it for small rooms.


The poster is a thick printed paper, enclosed in a frame under glass. The drawing can be anything from the image of your favorite musical group to a realistic object. Posters serve the same function as paintings. Their task is to transform the interior and attract attention.

Oil, watercolor, acrylic painting

“Living” paintings, painted with paints, are most often framed or framed. Products look luxurious in styles such as classic, modern, province, country, eco, art deco. It is a common misconception that oil painting cannot coexist on the same wall with watercolor painting. If the canvases are in the same style and a similar color scheme, they will be in perfect harmony.

Advice! If you want to place reproductions of paintings by famous artists at home, do not combine them with other decorative items.

3D paintings

3D panels are three-dimensional drawings that create a complete sense of realism. This effect is achieved using multilayer imaging technology. Volumetric paintings can be placed on plain walls. They look best on white, black, yellow, beige surfaces. This attribute is intended for modern interiors – they look out of place in classic ones.

How to choose a picture for wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a self-sufficient decoration of the walls, so you should also be guided by them when choosing a canvas. Although drywall can get harmed for a wide exhibit of reasons whether it’s little holes that begin to show up around the edges or because of plumbing repairs behind the wall.  Drywall Repair St Petersburg FL can help with the drywall repairs, installation soundproofing and more.

With a monochromatic design, everything is simple. You can hang any painting either in a baguette or without a frame. The main thing is to guess with the color scheme.

Rich prints on the wallpaper do not go well with pictures. It is worth trying only if a similar drawing is depicted on the canvas, visually continuing the theme. If you place the canvas correctly, you can achieve a 3D effect. The accent element will stand out from the overall composition and come to the fore.

Walls covered with wallpaper with plant motifs can be decorated with canvases with images of a similar theme. This technique is widely used in art deco and country styles.

Arrangement of paintings in the room

The ideal level of positioning of the canvas is at eye level. So it will be more convenient for you to admire the work and manipulate its placement on the wall. If you are going to hang several canvases side by side, keep a distance of 2-3 cm between them.

If the apartment has high ceilings, give preference to horizontal products. Vertical specimens will visually lengthen the already impressive walls.

Canvases can be used to decorate empty walls or free space above furniture. Make sure that the edging of the picture is not too close to the furnishings, otherwise the functional elements and decor will visually merge into one whole.

Idea! Pictures in an apartment can not only hang on the walls, but also stand on the floor or shelves. This arrangement is acceptable for massive framed canvases.

Placement errors

A wall with a picture in the interior is sure to attract attention. Consider this when designing and try to think over the composition in advance.

What mistakes are most often made by novice designers?

  1. Do not take into account the size of the paintings. Too small canvas on a large wall will simply be lost, and massive products in a compact room will visually “eat up” the space.
  2. Compositions are made from completely diverse products. Imagination is encouraged when decorating the interior, but good taste should come first.
  3. They hang pictures, completely forgetting about the rules of location. The result is a useless jumble of elements instead of a beautifully designed wall.
  4. They make too large gaps between the elements of modular paintings. The optimal indentation is 4-10 cm. The more massive the modules, the wider the space between them should be.
  5. They forget about their own preferences, relying only on the canons of the interior style.

Illustrative examples of mistakes and design tricks will help you create your own design vision. It is quite possible that you will come up with a new way to diversify the interior with the help of paintings.

Picture gallery in your home

Why not turn the room into a mini-museum? Pick up canvases that are similar in theme, style, color, and go for it. A tandem of creativity and common sense can bring extraordinary results.

Tips for placing a group of canvases:

  1. Before placing the composition on the wall, compose it on the floor. This will help you understand how organically the elements are combined.
  2. Line up pictures of the same size. It is not necessary to hang them on the same level – you can play with the height.
  3. Place compact canvases over large canvases. Massive canvases visually overwhelm small ones.
  4. Choose a painting that will become the center of the composition and focus on it.
  5. Do not be afraid to create chaotic compositions – such ensembles look original and attractive.
  6. For large groups of paintings, select 2/3 of the wall. There must be free space between the products.

You can arrange an art gallery not in one room, but in several. The themes of the paintings do not have to be the same. Create a unique style for each room.