5 Healthier Substitutes to Include in Your Diet

Most people consume sugar foods such as wheat products, cereals, soft drinks, and energy drinks every day. The products are delicious and easily accessible. However, you should avoid consuming them regularly because they can be harmful to your health. The good thing is that you could make several healthier substitutes from home or purchase and enjoy healthy living. Below are five healthy swaps you should include in your everyday diet.

1. You Can Make a Creamer at Home Instead of Buying

Coffee creamer is available in different flavors and leaves a smooth and sweet taste when consumed. It also contains some added sugar, which may aid in weight gain, among other negative health effects. Coffee creamers are made using artificial preservatives colors and thickeners, which may be harmful to the body. That is why it’s advisable to use substitutes instead.

Surprisingly, they are easy to make. You will need to mix coconut milk, vanilla extract, and maple syrup to make a dairy-free creamer. After mixing the ingredients, ensure to store them in a refrigerator for one week. You may add a little cinnamon or pumpkin puree if you want a different flavor. Always shake the creamer before using it.

2. Substitute Soda with Water or Green Tea

Several pieces of research have confirmed the negative health impacts of sugary beverages over the years. For example, people who take soda often have a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or liver problems. Taking diet soda may not be the solution because it may also contribute to high blood pressure or stroke.

If you love drinking soda, you can consider other drinks instead. You can add some fruits to sparkling water to get a healthy substitute full of flavor. You may also take green tea since it is beneficial to the body. Additionally, note that plain water is the best soda substitute you should consume to have a hydrated body.

3. Instead of Cereal, Go for Chia, Oatmeal, or Greek yogurt

Many families eat cereal for breakfast. Although not all of them are bad for the body, most cereals contain a lot of sugar. Also, most children’s cereals contain artificial foods and fructose corn syrup, affecting how children behave. Instead of taking cereals for breakfast, consider alternating them with oatmeal.

Oatmeal has high levels of protein and fiber. You can get oats in different forms such as flour, rolled, plain or steel-cut pieces. If you want to have a different experience, use nuts, berries, or coconut as toppings. You may also consume chia pudding instead of cereals because it is rich in protein and fiber. It can be a good choice for the whole family since most kids love it. You can search the internet for chia food recipes that you can use for your family. Greek yogurt is also a great choice instead of cereal. You can add some berries, almonds, or unsweetened coconut for a great breakfast option.

4. Substitute Purchased Granola with a Home-made One

Several people love snacking on granola. What they don’t know is that most granola bars have unhealthy ingredients and added sugars. However, some companies manufacture healthy granola products, which contain high levels of protein and fiber. However, since you may not know the right granola to consume, make some for yourself.


You can find out how to make granola from the internet. That way, you will make some without adding unnecessary ingredients such as sugar and include things like oats and nuts.

5. Choose Home-made Vegetable Chips Instead of Potato Chips

Many people love potato chips because they are tasty and crunchy. Do you know it is possible to get the crunchy feeling from slices of fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, celery, and others? In addition, they will provide you with minerals, fiber, and vitamins. You can also prepare homemade chips using beets, kales, plantains, carrots, among several other vegetables. Sprinkle a little bit of the best healthy salt to make them tastier. These are better than buying actual potato chips, which contain too much oil, unhealthy salt, and calories.


From the above information, choosing healthier food substitutes can be simple. You can also find tasty options, which have fewer calories and are rich in nutrients to improve your health. Try out the healthy swaps provided above to avoid unhealthy foods and enjoy more health benefits.