4 Handy Methods to calculate conversion rate:

conversion rate

The success of an online business is about checking the conversion rate, how many customers are visiting your website, and how you are successfully selling them the product or services. The main question is, Why do we need to calculate the conversion rate? The answer to this question, we are investing a lot of finances in our digital marketing efforts and on our website. If it is not able to deliver the desired conversion rate, then we need to rethink our strategies. We can use the conversion calculator by calculator-online.net to find out our actual conversion rate.

Digital marketing managers use various methods to calculate the actual conversion rate of your website and social media complaints, we are discussing 4 handy methods to find the conversion rate:

In the percentage method, we do find the percentage of an actual number of conversions dividing it by the total number of interactions, this can be understood by a simple example: if you have 50 conversions out of 1000 interactions, then it is clear your conversion rate is 5% as you can calculate it by simple calculations like:

                         501000100=5 %

It means, your advertising campaign, whether through physical media or digital media, is converting 5% of your visitors, if the management wants to improve, they must change their current digital marketing efforts, you can use the conversion calculator to find the number of conversions per interaction.

         2.   Conversion rate by unique visitor method: 

You can also calculate the conversion rate by finding the number unique to your website and your social media accounts. The conversion calculator can be used to find the number of new leads to your website, the formula used for this is:

Conversion rate=Total number of conversionsTotal number of unique visitors  100

You can find out how you are getting unique visitors to visit your website and social media account, you can gather their conversions by using various tools like a conversion calculator. This method can be used to know the increasing popularity in unique and particular business circles. 

          3. Conversion rate by generating new leads: 

The new customers, you are attracting is critical for any business, if your business is attracting new customers and converting them to new clients, it is great for your business success, the conversion calculator can be used to find such customers by using the following formula:

Conversion rate=Total number of conversionsTotal number of new leads 100

If your business is getting new clients for business and making them new customers, it can be great for your business. The new lead conversion rate coalition can be useful in finding the popularity of your advertisement campaign in new circles of society.

      4. Conversion rate and repurchase of products:

The main purpose for a brand is to compel the customer to repurchase, your product and services, the repurchase, make the positioning of your brand in the marketplace, the repurchase of the converted customers is critical for the standing of your product in the marketplace.

Conversion rate=Total number of conversionsRepurchase number of customers 100

The repurchase of the same product and services is the ultimate statistic for a company’s management to find the acceptability of your product. It also helps to improve the product features, to make them acceptable for the marketplace. The metric conversion calculator helps to convert the metric conversion of customers from decimal to millions and billions, you may have to represent the number of visitors in an internationally recognized manner. The measurement conversion and the counting become easier when you use the number of visits as a million/conversion, you can easily calculate and estimate your rate of conversion.

The last word:

The conversion rate calculation can be critical for your Rate of Return (ROI) evaluation and managing your balance sheet. As you come to know, what is your investment in the marketing campaign and its conversion rate, you can use the conversion calculator for conversion rate. Management does find these estimations critical in designing and implementing new marketing strategies.


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