5 Effective Ways to Manage Time

If you go back a hundred years and compare the 24 hours of those days and of today, you will observe that the quantitative analysis of time yields the same comparative result, while the quality of time has been diminished. This means that the phrase your mom usually says “time is flying very fast” is nothing but a myth. You don’t believe in myths, do you?

Since it’s about quality of time which derives from the famous billionaire’s saying “time is money”, it’s important to keep track of where we are actually utilizing our time. I know it’s not an easy task, and if you try to manage time on your own, one issue will persist, and that’s how to manage time.

Here are the 5 effective ways to manage your time. We all have the same 24 hours in this life. The one who knows why and how to manage time with maximum productivity actually wins the race.

1.  Make a Timetable

Sounds like primary school, but it’s the first step. Timetable of what? The routine activities that you do consciously. For example, sleeping, reading, and playing games.

A timetable is a textual representation of what you do in the allocated 24 hours. Start with the sleeping hours because that’s the time when you either end or start your day. But you can start from anywhere else. Try not to be perfect in writing calculated time, but leave a margin as a self-made benefit of doubt.

Only thing that matters while making a timetable is how honest you are with yourself. Everything depends on this and comes later.

2. Take Care of Yourself

When there is health, there is life, and of course, wealth. Make sure that you follow your dietary plan, but don’t go too hard on yourself. If you keep things simple on a regular basis, you will see that your time is getting preserved. How does that happen?

Suppose you decide to eat something fancy today. At first, the preparation will definitely take time. Second, you won’t enjoy it until you take some pictures of the food that looks delicious. You almost forgot that there is something more important waiting on your schedule than taking pictures of food. And at last, you won’t feel good if you just finish your food quickly. This happens, and it’s nothing but being a materialistic person who doesn’t actually want to go practical.

Make a habit of sleeping early. I know it’s a challenge, especially since the YouTube TV promo code became viral, people don’t want to fall asleep at night.

3. Set Priorities

It’s as important as setting a timetable. Your priorities reflect how much you value yourself and then everyone else. I gotta admit that this is the part where you should become selfish for the collective good. If you are confused about the word priority, let me clarify it for you.

A priority list sets the importance of activities that you marked on the timetable. You can even give numbering to your activities. The priorities are regular sometimes, and sometimes not. For example, meeting with an old friend, attending a wedding, maintaining your car.

4. Keep a Balance

This is the work-life balance I’m talking about. It’s the key point through which you can align your life in an optimal way. Whether you are a student or an employee, a balance must be maintained. How can you do it?

Check these four relations: Spiritual, Personal, Social, and Professional.

There is a reason why the professional relation of yours comes at last. You must set priority in the above-mentioned balance like it’s there. There must be no compromise.

5. Go Practical

As every informative listicle ends, I want to give you an alert that you must act on what you think is beneficial for you. If you lag in managing time, then it’s better to start doing something instead of thinking. Thinking won’t bring any change.

Ideas are important, no doubt, but what good is there when no one wants to implement that idea. The idea of managing time is nothing extraordinary, but once you execute it, you will see a big positive change.