5 Ways to Limit Yourself from Excessively Using Your Mobile Phone

Limit Yourself

In this day and age, your mobile phone is no longer just a want. It has become a necessity, and it’s the same for probably everybody. Communication, mobile phones’ biggest purpose and advantage, is truly made more possible. Entertainment is accessible without hassle. Information you need can be acquired in just a few clicks. Undeniably, in almost everything people do today, a mobile phone is needed or is at least a huge help. 

Amidst all the good and great things that your mobile phone lets you achieve, too much of it is also not very good. It is made for you to use, but excessive usage, especially including unnecessary usage, is totally unhealthy. Firstly, extended periods of exposure to screens can negatively affect your eye health. Secondly, not every content is wholesome; some can cause you stress. Thirdly, wasting time is a major result of gadgets’ overuse. 

Speaking of the last point, surely, you can be productive with the use of your gadgets, but you can also be unproductive with them, too. Gadgets are created and designed to aid humans, and they will not lead to any harm or inconvenience unless you don’t know how to use them responsibly.  

At all times, you must observe discipline and self-control. Here are x ways to limit yourself from excessively using your mobile phone. 

1 – Switch the WiFi icon off.

Without access to the Internet, your gadgets will not have a lot of uses for you whenever you are just bored or looking for something to do. That’s good news if you are looking for a way to lessen your gadget use. You can simply switch your mobile phone’s WiFi icon off. If you cannot totally turn the WiFi router off because other people in the house are using the Internet, do yourself a favor by deactivating your mobile phone’s button instead. 

This will keep you away from the temptation of always picking up your phone. When the WiFi button is dismissed, social media notifications will not enter. You will not be informed that there is something for you to check out, that there is a reason for you to use your mobile phone. You can personally block off temptations and distractions. 

In this way, you can easily let your mobile phone go to rest and yourself do what you have to do. 

2 – When outside, keep it in your bag.

Whenever you are outside, you should enjoy the outside. Why? Because you spend a lot of time inside the house and on your gadgets. Because you spend most of the time inside the office with gadgets as well. You do not really get to experience real life being outside, appreciating nature and life live in front of your own eyes and not inside screens. 

As much as possible, when you are outside, if you don’t really need your mobile phone, keep it in your bag or pouch. Keep it away from your sight, but of course, don’t lose it. Ensure its safety and security. What this means is that you should be present in the moment. 

Enjoy the little things about roads, streets, cities, skies, fields and more. Going outdoors is a chance for you to stay away from the digital realm and be existent in the actual real world. You can use your mobile phone for capturing  and recording events, yet live in the moment, so you can clearly cherish and remember every bit of it. 

3 – Put it away before sleeping.

More often than not, people’s usage of gadgets is mostly at the end of the day, when they are about to go to sleep. Can you relate? Is the same true to you, too? 

If yes, then you are aware that whenever it’s time for bed, you lie down, but you don’t immediately sleep most of the time. Instead, you use your mobile phone to play games, watch a series or watch videos from YouTube. Sometimes, you say that you do that to make yourself sleepy. You are just waiting for sleepiness to hit you, and you believe that using your mobile phone is the key, however, the opposite usually happens.  

Instead of being able to sleep early, you are kept awake and alert by your gadgets. The blue light coming from your mobile phone’s screen can disrupt your sleeping schedule and sleeping patterns. 

Put your mobile phone away before sleeping. If you want to sleep quickly upon reaching your bed, do this. You can still use it before shutting eye as long as you know self-control and will stop when you have to. 

4 – Do a “no cellphone” game with family or friends.

Many groups of friends or families play a game whenever they get together, and it’s actually wholesome for it promotes everyone’s presence and productivity. It’s the “no cellphone” game. That’s the basic title, but others call it more creatively. 

In this mini game, everyone will put their phones together in one place, mostly in the middle of the table. You can stack them one after another or let them lie horizontally next to each other. Whatever you choose, it must be visible and accessible to all. 

The goal is to avoid using gadgets while spending time together. If eating out, another major goal is to choose somebody who will pay for the restaurant’s bill. Nobody is allowed to use his/her phone, and whoever bites into the temptation of getting theirs will lose and will have to pay or take the penalty decided before the game starts.

This is a smart and fun technique to limit gadget use and at the same time to respect the time everyone spends to gather together. 

5 – Focus on your job or schoolwork.

You have tasks to fulfill, and your heavy use of mobile phones steals your time and productivity. It’s not good. Make a strict restriction for yourself. Give yourself a rule to obey, and attach a punishment in case you violate it. 

Focus on your job or schoolwork. Pay attention to your major responsibilities. Once you start thinking about and working on your to-do lists, you will slowly get detached to your mobile phone. You will get uninterested and unmotivated to check your gadgets without a needed reason. That’s because you are highly attentive to more important duties and occupied by work you have to accomplish. 



Mobile phones are a must in today’s world. Reaching out and connecting with people from different parts of the world happens because of these gadgets and the Internet. Documenting moments to keep memories are easier now than ever because of smartphones. Ordering food you crave is quick and simple. Enjoying music you like, watching videos and movies you love, reading creative materials and other forms of entertainment can all be taken from and done in one place. You can do these anytime and anywhere. Big thanks to mobile phones. 

Just do not forget that there must always be boundaries. Teach yourself and learn steady self-restraint. The list above contains helpful ways to do that. Work on this change slowly but surely, no worries. As long as you get there and train yourself to unglue your mobile phone from your hands, that’s fine. Be patient with yourself as you do your best, too.

Make use of your time wisely. Keep yourself healthy. While you perform your tasks that require gadgets, remember those. Use your mobile phone wisely. 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for GetdGet, an international mobile online shopping site based in Sydney, Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.