Detailed Step-by-Step Process of Developing the Mobile Application

The mobile app development industry is undergoing lots of changes and has reached a new height. Especially after the pandemic when people started spending more time at their homes, they spent more on their mobiles, and it also led to the development of new mobile applications. You will be able to run mobile applications on different platforms with time as things keep on getting advanced. But before moving ahead let’s look at some data related to mobile app usage to see how consumers spend their time on their phones and what potential there is for creating your own mobile app.

According to a survey performed in February 2021, about half of those polled said they spend 5 to 6 hours every day on average on their phone, and it is not at all work-related use. A further 22% of those polled indicated they spent three to four hours per day on average using their phones. Only 5% of those polled stated they spent less than an hour every day using their smartphones. By the end of 2020, 18% of respondents said they didn’t limit their use of mobile apps or services for any reason.

This shows how important the role mobile plays in today’s daily life of we humans. And thus, developing mobile applications is one of the good options for generating revenue.


Now, let’s look into the step-by-step process of developing the mobile application in detail.

  1. Strategize your App

This is the initial stage where one needs to decide everything related to applications. Below are a few questions which you should have answered during this first step. What benefit will your mobile application offer to the users

  • What will be your business revenue model
  • Who will be your target audience
  • The ultimate objective and goal of your application
  • What is the tentative budget of developing the app
  • What is the pre and post launch marketing activity
  • What kind of team or agency will be developing the app
  • Who are all the existing competitors in the market
  • What is lacking in the applications being offered by your competitors
  • What will be the USP(Unique Selling Point) of your app

Similarly, there are many questions which one should be clear about before going ahead with the design and development of the application. Mobile app development company in USA give proper attention to the first step as it builds the foundation for further steps.

  1. In-depth Analysis and Planning

Here at this stage, one should conduct primary and secondary research as required to find answers to all the queries mentioned above in the first point. Once the answers to all the above questions are ready then you can easily create a roadmap which jots down the basic features which should be essentially available in the app.

One should firstly prepare the MVP which is Minimum Viable Product. This is like the first version of an app covering all the necessary features of an app without making too much of an investment.

After this, decide upon the platform upon which you would like to develop the app. Like whether it should be a native app which is to be developed either on iOS or Android platform only, or it should be a Hybrid App where your app will be easily accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Thus, it completely depends on who the audience is and which your app is targeting.

  1. c) Developing UI/UX design

UI refers to the User Interface which means the overall layout of the application with which they will be interacting and using their fingers to understand how the app works.And User Experience refers to the comfort the users feel while interacting with the app. It means how easily they were able to figure out what they were looking for, if this happens then they really had a pleasant experience on your mobile application.

Designing UI/UX involves certain steps which are mentioned below:

  • Architecture of the workflow of your app

Here one must pre-decide what all the possible information that the user will be expecting from your app and how that information will be flowing on your app

  • Design Wireframe

Finally, it’s time to put down your concept on paper through sketches, diagrams etc. Just design the conceptual layouts for better understanding of your app.

  • Guide on the styling of the App

It means there should be some fixed font, size, color to be used in the app which maintains the overall uniformity of the app and will maintain its look overall.

  • Developing a Mobile Application

Now start developing your app. You must look into what technologies you want to include while developing your app. Like Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence is some of the concepts which make the app look interactive. Your app should definitely have some feature which makes it different and unique from ones which already existing in the market.

Also, decide upon how to start the development and in what sequence,

  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • API Integration
  • Testing of the Application

Conducting Testing at the initial stage really saves a lot of money in fixation of the bugs in comparison to the testing at an advanced stage of Application development. Testing ensures that the application is working properly, all its features are being showcased as expected. So, the people from the Quality Assurance team make the app more stable, protected and user-friendly.

  • Deployment of your App

Finally, it’s time to deploy your app on the Play store on platforms like iOS and Android. So, one needs to prepare the metadata first before deployment which includes the details like,

  • Name and title of the Application
  • Icon during Launch
  • App store screenshots
  • Short description
  • Detailed description
  • Promotional Video of app
  • Banner graphics of App
  • Category of App
  • Keywords

So, after deciding upon these points, go ahead with the final deployment after which you app will be visible as well as available on the App store for use.


The above points clearly states that developing a mobile application is quite a detailed procedure and one should follow it step-by-step only to make it a successful story. Each stage involves knowledge and experience so make sure that you are surrounded or tied up with a very mature team in terms of experience of developing mobile apps. And ultimately a successful mobile app will definitely bring in the defined revenue for your company.

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