Which Colors of The Countertops Look Best with Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

Well, the answer is not an easy one. There are many options available in the market that it could be quite confusing for you to choose the right one to pair with your refaced cherry cabinets. Cherry cabinets come in various colors – from a light cinnamon-hued red to dark, red-tinted brown. The wood can be further tinted to give it a deeper brown or a vibrant red hue along with additional shine. While picking the right countertop to pair with the cherry units, you should figure out the exact shade of your cabinets. Once you can find that out, it would be easy for you to choose the countertop that creates the desired feel and look in your cooking space.

Countertop colors for cherry cabinets

  • Red tinted cherry wood – If it is natural, red-colored wood, like the color of the fresh cherry or a shade lighter, or multi-toned cinnamon, gold, or yellow countertops, it will suit them best. If you have a bold shade of cherry red in the cherry kitchen cabinets, beiges or natural yellows would be the best to complement. But the contrast should be balanced to give the space a well-ventilated and roomy feel. A granite countertop in Venetian Gold would also go fine. No worry, if you don’t like yellow or if you think that the color choices are much vibrant for your sophisticated kitchen. You can always try any neutral shade with variations in the grain. Such tones always compliment the cabinets. But they don’t overpower the senses. Besides, you may pair the warm cherry cabinetry with any darker countertop to add drama to the décor.
  • Dark chocolate color – Dark cherry wood or espresso-stained or even chocolaty cherries are the best to add drama to the backdrop. If you want to decorate the kitchen in a contemporary manner, choose stainless steel appliances and accessories to offset the dark color of cherry wood. At the same time, go for a countertop with bold colors to match the minimalist approach. Nevertheless, brighter designs bring a soothing contrast while reviving the entire kitchen. If your home is designed in a rustic country style, choose comfortable colors for the worktops. For a down-home feel to the kitchen, select warm neutral colors like beige or cream.
  • Fusion–As it comes to pairing kitchen cabinets and countertops, avoid staying within the same color family. Instead of opting for complementary ones, opt for contrasting colors. Mix and match colors. Select a shade for the worktop that seamlessly contrasts with the reddish color of the cherry cabinet. This concept of fusion goes fine with walnut cabinets as well. Why don’t you think about a white countertop to complement the dark deep chocolaty hue of the cherry units? Nevertheless, the choice is all yours – whether you’ll prefer a lighter or a darker contrast. At the end of the day, cherry units are versatile in terms of colors.

Sit with a designer and ask the professional for suggestions regarding color pairing the countertops. These kitchen designers are color experts. They are likely to bring color samples to you so that you can see them and choose. Therefore, as you get prepared to start the kitchen project, don’t forget to call a professional designer for getting support with color coordination.

Owing to the natural reddish and rich warm undertones, cherry is a preferred wood for kitchen cabinets. The wood is beautiful and thus homeowners are inclined towards cherry wood cabinets. There are variations in the color of the wood and its grains. Whether you choose deep red or light brown – the wood always brings warmth and life to your kitchen.