What Is Car Shipping? Get Quotes Before Hitting the Road

Car Shipping

Shipping your vehicle provides an efficient and safe means of moving your car across long distances without incurring damage from weather or road debris, removing one stressor after another from driving experience and dealing with potential complications such as long distance driving and potential weather-related problems.

Shipping prices depend on factors like time of year, vehicle type and shipping method used. Being flexible with dates will help lower costs associated with transporting, but keep the following information in mind when doing your search.


Most vehicle transportation companies provide flexible pickup and delivery dates, enabling you to select one that best fits your schedule. This flexibility may help secure a cheaper rate during peak seasons; alternatively you could drop your vehicle off at a terminal instead of getting door-to-door service and save even more.

Ship multiple cars at once to save even more time! Many companies allow multiple cars to be shipped simultaneously on one transport vehicle. This service is useful for people selling or purchasing multiple cars at once as well as families moving together or traveling long distances together.

Before selecting a car shipping company, be sure to read reviews from previous customers and their ratings. In general, aim for one with outstanding customer service and reliability – look out for any discounts for military members, students, teachers or any other qualified individuals that might apply.


Car shipping services provide convenient solutions when it comes to transporting your car quickly or avoiding long distance driving yourself. They can help reduce extra mileage charges on lease agreements if the shipment goes across city borders; and many professional vehicle transportation companies also offer insurance protection should an accident or damage occur during transport.

Get an online car shipping quote to determine how much it will cost you to ship your car. There are numerous companies that provide an instantaneous auto transport quote so you can compare prices easily. Simply provide some details about your vehicle and its destination before selecting an enclosed or open transport method – enclosed transport is more costly but offers greater protection while open transport exposes it to weather and debris exposure.

Once you’ve scheduled vehicle transport, scheduling pickup and drop-off should take little time at all. From there on out, all that needs to happen is sitting back and watching as your vehicle travels towards its new home – a true lifesaver for busy individuals who don’t want the hassle of planning around driving trips with family members and work commitments.


Safety should always be the top priority when shipping a vehicle, and auto transportation companies have many safeguards in place to make this experience safe for both the shipper and receiver. They inspect and document your car before and after it’s been shipped; and ensures all details on its Bill of Lading (BOL) match the details listed when it reaches its destination.

Before your vehicle is picked up for shipment, make sure that any unnecessary items have been removed – this includes roof racks and baskets, bike carriers, storage units or anything else that might get damaged during transit. Also remove any personal items which could get lost or stolen during transport; doing this can make the process go more smoothly and can help avoid potential complications with paperwork or lost personal items.

Finding the appropriate logistics company is critical to protecting the wellbeing of your car during transit, so conducting thorough research and reading reviews before booking a shipment. One key indicator of reliable transporter is having at least $2 million insurance coverage – any company without such coverage could result in damaged deliveries that cannot be honored as claims should anything go amiss during transport. With uShip making finding such transporters easy, you can have peace of mind regarding its safety during transport.


Most auto transportation companies provide insurance coverage (more here: https://money.com/best-car-shipping-companies/) on your vehicle during transport, which may either be included as part of your overall rate or available as an extra cost. Before signing any contracts with any car transportation companies, it is essential that you review their insurance policy and understand its coverage.

Any reliable car shipping company will be up front about their policy terms and conditions while being quick in answering questions or concerns you might have in a timely fashion. Though car transport damage may be rare, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Should any issues arise with your auto shipping company during transit, filing a claim with them as quickly as possible will enable them to repair it and get it back in excellent condition for delivery to you.

Depending on the nature of the damage claim, photo evidence or documentation supporting it may also be required as evidence of their claim process. Vehicle transport often does not necessitate making changes to your existing auto insurance policy. Customers may elect to take advantage of car transporting companies’ shipping insurance offerings, while it is wise to consult your provider first to see if your current plan covers auto transport.