How to increase iPad storage?

Smart devices are not only used due to their sleek appearance, but also, because of their performance. In the case of iPad, it is beneficial for students, working professionals and almost everyone who wants to experience portability. When it comes to address how to increase iPad storage, the excellent way is to add an external drive that will increase its capacity. The latest models of iPad have at least 64GB, while others have storage of up to 2TB. The latter case is applicable when an individual buys iPad Pro. It is the older version of this smart device that demands increase in the storage for various reasons.

At this point, it will be ideal to take a look at some of the tips to increase the storage of iPad without any hassle:

Attach flash drive or external device

Be it external drive, flash drive, or any USB-based storage device that is compatible with the iPad can be beneficial in increasing the capacity of the device. In fact, the file management capabilities of the iPad allows USB-based external drives to store media files and data. You can also take the help of professional iPad repair service providers.

Tips to attach external drive to increase iPad storage:

  • It is important to ensure that external drive is compatible with the iPad. Generally, the compatible drives consist of free app that makes hardware communicate with the iPad smoothly.
  • A portable drive powered by USB port should be chosen for best results.
  • If external drives are used instead of USB drives, then, use Apple’s adapter to turn it into a lightning connection.
  • In case, the USB flash drives are used, then, check for the lightning connection in them. This will make sure that additional adapters are not required for the same purpose.
  • One should remember that USB-C will be compatible with USB-C port of iPad to increase the capacity of the device.

Use cloud storage

The need of enough space on the device to keep all the apps can be managed by checking the storage. In such a scenario, one possible option is to rely on cloud storage, wherein, documents, data, media and photos can be easily saved. When it comes to increasing the iPad storage, the cloud drive uses internet as the second hard drive to keep the saved files secure. The cloud storage uses external location to save all the data according to the storage requirements of the users.

Points to know about cloud storage:

  • The additional free space is already provided by some of the cloud storage solutions.
  • The disaster-proof nature of cloud drive makes it the reliable option to invest in.
  • In the case of replacing the device, the data can still be accessed.
  • It is suitable for saving photos and videos and by shifting this type of media to cloud can increase the space of the iPad

Clear the clutter by deleting the unused data

If the storage options of the iPad are on the verge of exhausting, then, the best solution is to free up the space. It further means by deleting the unused or extra data can be useful in improving the accessibility and space of the device. For instance, photos, videos or unnecessary documents that are not currently being used should be deleted to free up the space.

Tips to consider while freeing up the space

  • Browsing history along with cache can be deleted to clear the clutter from the iPad
  • Look up for recommendations in the device by checking out the storage settings of the iPad
  • Messages with the bigger sized attachments should be deleted to increase the storage of the iPad
  • Maximize the current storage options by regularly deleting the unused files

Stream music and movies

Downloading movies, videos or other media can consume significant amount of iPad’s storage.  The smart decision should be to stream music or videos as most of the media has high storage consumption. Therefore, if the digital videos are being focused on, it is essential to either watch them on platforms like, Netflix, hotstar, Amazon Prime video, etc.

Points to consider while streaming music and videos

  • For music, Apple music library can be accessed to stream media for iOS devices
  • For digital movies, streaming them on iPad with the TV app will not require downloading.
  • Even though streaming the music is possible through various options, but, choosing Apple music library will be the right solution.

App Offloading

The option of offloading on the iPad helps in deleting the app data from the unused applications. After deleting, not even personal information or any other information remains. Hence, the app will be required to be installed again and the user can start from where it was left off.

How to find the best iPad storage option?

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